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You can't even trust an exercise with such a good reputation as squats anymore. What is probably the best movement in the traditional repertoire of exercises can also be the right movement to the injury if you give in to the chest, loosen and move your knees in the wrong direction or lower your back in order to bear the full load.

This does not imply that squats are a bad exercise nor does it call into question the capacity of this situation to strengthen the quadriceps or strengthen each and every one of the lower muscles that support the body. Like each and every one of the exercises, there are potential disadvantages that must be taken into consideration so that they can be prevented and corrected, as is the case with other popular exercises:

1. Dead Weight

The primary disadvantage of deceased weight is that it is a rather difficult movement to learn to perform and improve with a high risk of injury. The common disadvantages with dead weight are mainly due to the fact that the movement is too fast, too heavy, and only the back of the back is used along the execution. The lower back, buttocks, and hamstrings should also be used throughout the practice of dead weight. If only the back is being used, it is not done properly and over time can lead to pain in the kidney area.

2. The Banking Press

The main disadvantage of the Banking Press may be mainly due to poor weight control. Too much weight is often placed on the bar and for this reason, it is dropped onto the chest considerably faster than it should be. Doing so can injure the shoulder. Another drawback occurs when trying to push the weight face up and, because the weight is excessive, the lower back arches, stopping contracting the stomach and adopting a posture that can simply lead to injury. To avoid these disadvantages, the most important thing is to control the weight with which you work.

3. The dominated ones

The biggest disadvantage of the domination is that the impulse taken to execute it hinders the realization of the primordial movement. Normally one forgets the part of being able to supervise the movement and one tends to appreciate going up without option to only. On the other hand, there are also other parts of the body that often end up hindering the execution of the domination. Swinging, moving your legs, or arching your back are some of the most common cases that increase the risk of back injury. Besides this, when you are in one of these rare positions in which the legs or abdomen have already taken on another situation the back is not being trained at all.

4. Pull After Pull

In the Jalón behind the scenes, the disadvantages are greater than the advantages, since it is an exercise that practically does not achieve too many benefits. You can pull the bar face down with too much force and hit the spine or vertebrae with the bar. There are also disadvantages with range of motion, as the neck is bent face forward in order to pull the bar downwards, adopting a situation that is not natural for the neck.

5. Rowing at the neck

The major disadvantage of this exercise is a bad positioning of the wrist and elbow that can cause damage to the shoulders, wrists or other parts of the joints involved. Try to hold your elbows higher than your wrists throughout the entire exercise movement to reduce the risk of injury to your shoulders or elbows. When the elbows are lowered slightly and the wrists are positioned above them, the small muscles are made to support the full weight.

6. The abs

The disadvantage of abdominals performed with the hands behind the head is not as efficient an alternative as other abdominal exercises. When people put their hands behind their heads they tend to pull their necks forward, which is a highly dangerous gesture. It is best to cross your hands on your chest or place them on the sides of your head, avoiding any possibility of pulling on your neck.

7. Roller-skinned abs

The main drawback of roller abdominals is that they can involve the lower back muscles. When the abdomen is solid, a full stretch can be achieved. But beginners or people who do not have these strong core muscles expose their lumbar hyperextension. You can start by going halfway and then back again, and also try to improve once your abdomen starts to get stronger and get through the situation longer.

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