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Weight training is one of the most effective activities when you want to burn fat and build muscle. In the same way, it is well known that one of the most complete sports to achieve a perfect physical preparation is swimming.

So, a workout that combines swimming and weights is one of the most complete activities you can do. When combining sports, it is essential to do the exercises properly so as not to injure ourselves and thus achieve the best results, which is why we will give you a guide that will let you enjoy a complete training of swimming and weights every week.

The combination of swimming and weight training will help us lose weight, gain muscle mass and burn many calories and fat. Don't limit yourself to machines, weights, or directed classes only. With the right combination of multiple modalities, you can achieve an unbeatable physical preparation and different results depending on what you are looking for: gain muscle mass, lose weight, delimit, etc..

Tips for alternating swimming and bodybuilding

Although swimming is one of the best activities for muscle development, by itself it is not enough if you want to reach certain levels of preparation. Actually, weight-lifting training will complement swimming really well. We will try to work on the muscles involved in the latter, which are many. Even in this way, we will avoid working the biceps and chest too much.

In addition to always and at all times taking into account the opinion of your personal trainer or qualified instructor, here are more recommendations for combining swimming and bodybuilding below:

  • It's best to schedule swimming sessions every other day to train the weights, so you'll have more energy to swim, work harder and burn more calories. If you want to alternate the two exercises in each of the sessions, we invite you to swim behind the weights.
  • For your information, cardio should be done after weight training, not before. This is done to give you more energy when lifting weights and getting both convenient hormones and changes in blood pH that will lead to more fat loss. This will also reduce the risk of injury.
  • When you swim, you will have to combine longer and more stable sessions of simple strokes, such as chest strokes, with harder and faster butterfly or crawling intervals. This high intensity interval cardiovascular exercise is considerably more effective at losing fat and supporting muscle.
  • Also keep in mind that weights in the water, and separately strength exercises and swimming are two of the most demanding activities in your physical preparation. For this reason, if your training plan is developed in this way, you should take at least one day of rest per week so that fatigue does not occur.
  • Don't forget to warm up for swimming, with the goal of preparing your body for pool training. It is also essential that you learn the technique to begin weight training on your own at home or in the gym.

3 exercises to work with weights in the water

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In addition to the exercises to strengthen your arms and legs in the water we suggest, you can start doing this easy routine of weights in the water in a gentle way and increasing the intensity little by little:

  • Hold a weight with both hands at chest level, with the scapulas face back and arms outstretched. Swing back and forth, moving your shoulders and chest and holding your abs in tension.
  • Take a weight with each hand and put it on your hip from behind. Lift one and the other at the same pace as you lift your knees. This way you will work on the triceps.
  • With two weights, one on each and every hand, lift them up to work the biceps. Water resistance will make you work harder in both directions, especially if you use unique pool weights.

Now you have plenty of ideas for the best swimming and weight training. Both separately and by introducing them to a joint strength training in the water, this is a high intensity exercise, the results of which will be visible from the first weeks.

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