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Discover how to train your breathing to run faster

Discover how to train your breathing to run faster
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Breathing is essential in each and every field of our life, primarily because without breathing, we could not even live. Breathing is essential at the moment of running, especially if we want to run faster, because in an exercise like this, we need the right oxygen supply to be able to have enough energy.

Discover how to train your breathing to run faster

However, most people make a lot of mistakes when it comes to breathing, which means they run out of energy to run faster and also to endure more. The good news is that we can educate breathing and in addition to this, train our lung capacity to run faster.

1. Learn to breathe first

The first thing we must do to train the breath to run faster is exactly to learn to breathe. In a race of a medium duration or a long duration, we have to learn to direct the oxygen in a correct way, breathing in a controlled way in order to get it to us for the whole race. Controls breathing, breathing at an incessant rhythm and in a deep way, and without hyperventilating.

And what does this have to do with faster running? Since in the final sprint, the one we do when there are only a few meters left, we are going to perform better if we have taken a good breath throughout the race. On the other hand, if we get drowned and exhausted, we won’t even be able to make the final sprint.

2. Make sprints to run faster

The best way to run faster, is to run faster, worth the redundancy. While we are performing the sprint, we cannot supervise the breathing, because we are going very fast and, unconsciously, we are going to breathe through the mouth to get more air.

Discover how to train your breathing to run faster

In this way, as we cannot directly train the breath, we are going to train the breath indirectly, that is, by increasing our lung capacity at the time of sprinting. Thus, we are going to train the body so that it takes more oxygen and does so more effectively, apart from obviously prospering our speed.

The best way to do this is with high intensity interval training or HIIT. In this training, we are going to perform multiple series of sprints of one hundred meters at high speed, with one minute breaks between them. In this way, you will greatly improve your lung capacity, in addition to being an ideal exercise to lose fat.

3. Practice makes the master

In the end, there is no segregated technique to run better, but what makes the teacher, is the practice of sport. If you don’t run frequently, it doesn’t matter if you learn to breathe really well, because you won’t have enough bottom to run faster.

Discover how to train your breathing to run faster

Try to run frequently, and to progress, that is, to run little by little faster and further away. In the end, your body will adapt to the exercise and in this way, your breathing will improve as well.

4. Do other sports to improve your lung capacity

Performing sprints and races is not the only way to progress your lung capacity, but also, you can do other sports to have more depth and thus, run faster.

The best sport to improve your lung capacity is swimming, which, having to take a breath in rhythm and having to endure the breath in diving, will give us a huge lung capacity, something that will undoubtedly help us run better.

In this way, if you want to progress your breathing ability to run faster, do exercises like swimming twice a week, they will help you achieve better results, to train your breathing and logically, to go faster.

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