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Discover the “body attack”, the revolution of cardio exercises

Discover the “body attack”, the revolution of cardio exercises
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If you’ve come this far, you’ll probably like the exercises in the gym that put your heart to work at high intensity, or that, for one reason or another, you’re thinking about starting in the gym and also start in them. In any case, today we are going to talk about ‘body attack’ , a training genre that is, on the one hand, one of the most entertaining activities that can be done in a gym, and, on the other hand, one of the most demanding and also intense. If you want to get in shape in a short time, the ‘body attack’ is the ideal exercise because in each and every class you have to give the maximum. In general, they usually last approximately fifty minutes, during which very effective exercises are carried out.

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But what is body attack? This is a series of choreographies that involve movements of medium and high intensity and that are partially easy to continue from the first of the days, while most of the movements that are made are quite easy, but not for this reason less explosive. The music is a fundamental part of these classes because always and at all times we try that the movements continue the rhythm that this one is marking. It does not require a huge previous physical preparation and virtually anyone can join body attack classes, since each of them can adapt to their level and perform at the intensity it considers. In addition to this, as we previously pointed out, they are easy choreographies and the exercises are adapted to each and every one of the levels with the objective of gradually increasing cardiorespiratory resistance and achieving the most effective burning of calories.

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Something that is very interesting about body attack is that, with it, you can work each and every muscle of the body, while combining steps of the most different in each and every class that are compensating all areas of the body. In addition to this, as we have already pointed out, by demanding the maximum from each student, their cardiovascular system is tested and reinforced. Logically, at the beginning it is more difficult to recover between one exercise and the next, but over time you can see how the heart and lungs are gradually getting better.

As the ‘body attack’ has intense classes you can lose weight very quickly (more than seven hundred calories per session), but in addition to this has considerably more advantages. In addition, of course, to assist in getting in shape is an activity that favors socialization and favors our ability to coordinate and our agility. In addition to this, it is a huge exercise to thrive bone density. All this in a truly enjoyable way and without the need for a specific sports material or an enormous previous training. And the choreographies are very simple to continue, with what the one who tries usually reiterates.

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More and more people are signing up to train in body attack classes. So, have you thought about trying it?

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