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Nowadays, there are more and more followers of a healthy lifestyle, and this can be seen in the taste for healthy and ecological food, in the care of the environment and in the way they do not, in the interest in exercise. The need for movement in a sedentary life is one of the maxims of today.

But we can't just jump into sport, but in order for it to have the desired effects, that is to say, healthy effects, we must do it with our heads, and solve each and every doubt that comes to our psyche. To this end, more and more specialists and information are emerging on how to carry out techniques to assist us with our objectives. And one of them refers to the importance of strengthening the core. We'll tell you everything, now.

What is the core and why is it essential to train it?

It may sound like Chinese to you, or you may have heard it around and think it's a gym technique. It is actually considerably easier, and when we talk about core we are referring to the center of our body, that is, our abdomen, lumbar area, pelvic floor... Hence, abdominal training is one of the core tactics.

It's nothing new that abdominal training is accurate. In fact, over the years this area has been strengthened, both for aesthetic reasons and to avoid being damaged by other sports such as running. In addition to this, through their practice, we can also develop more strength.

And although it is true that over the years we have worked in this area, with abdominal benches or marked exercises, today is the day when innovation and research bring us the best tactics to strengthen this area of our body and get the most out of a healthier and more effective area.

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One of the greatest benefits of training this area of the body is that it makes us feel less tired. It helps us to reduce fatigue because we work the area and the situation improves like breathing. Thanks to these two circumstances, we can do exercises without getting so tired.

On the other hand, by making this area stronger we will also be able to get rid of certain injuries. Here it is essential as we strengthen the spine and lumbar muscles, which will make our body not suffer from sports such as running, making our training more effective.

For runners working this area is essential, as it gives balance, stability and improves the way we run, so that it will make our race more efficient and much better. Thanks for the strength in this area, we will be able to transfer the energy to our legs in an unbeatable way.

How to work the core

There are 3 essential exercises to work on and strengthen the core, the best thing to do is to be in charge of a professional personal trainer to do it correctly. In each and every way, today we will give you a summary of the main exercises to give you an idea.

1) Antiextension

To do this exercise we started lying face down with our elbows bent. When it comes to the legs, you can have them supported with your knees on the floor or extended, the essential thing is that your back is straight. Once in this position, we must endure it for a few seconds and reiterate it many times.

2) Lateral anti-flexion

Practicing this exercise is what will give us balance, when for example, we carry an acquisition bag only on one side. To do this, we will have to lie down in a similar way to the antiextension but in a lateral way. The primary exercise of this function is the one known as the lateral plate and we are going to have to support the posture in the same way that we have already explained before.

3) Anti-rotation

By means of this exercise we work the trunk rotation and to train we will have to do an exercise in which we run aground rotating the body face to face and face to face. In doing so, we must have our arms outstretched and face one side and face the other.

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