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Frequent drink in Uruguay, Argentina or Paraguay, the herb mate is similar to the one that has crossed the pond in recent times, and it is increasingly common to find Europeans enjoying this advantageous infusion. Due to their peculiarities, athletes are one of the groups that can get the most benefits from the herb mate, which among many other things is part of the set of natural energizers, is antioxidant and provides us with a number of minerals and vitamins. If in doubt, don't miss out on the seven most popular benefits of math for athletes.

  1. The best stimulant

There is no better nervous system stimulant than mate. It contains caffeine, but in contrast to coffee it does not cause energetic slumps and keeps us stimulated for more hours. If we equate it with other energy drinks or stimulants, mate herb infusions are 100% natural, and have no side effects like those of these drinks. In addition to this, you can enjoy mate both hot and cold.

  1. Improves concentration

By not provoking palpitations or those lowers, it does not only generate an improvement in physical energy, it also helps you to strengthen mental concentration. The enormous amount of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that it provides makes it possible to balance the caffeine content, something that undoubtedly favours the concentration of those who take it. That's why it will help you not only when you play sports, but its benefits are also appreciated when you study or at work.

  1. Matte and lactic acid

One of the great opponents of athletes is lactic acid, which manifests itself as we train and approach our limits. Since mate helps prevent the accumulation of lactic acid in the body, thus avoiding the burning sensation in the muscles that prevents us from continuing with the session or forces us to do it at a slower rate than desired.

  1. Delays the onset of fatigue and tiredness

Related to the stimulating properties we talked about at the beginning, one of the effects of mate is that it forces our metabolism to use carbohydrates more efficiently, which allows us to optimize the energy we use. In other words, mate allows us to train for longer periods of time before fatigue and tiredness appear, thanks to which physical endurance increases.

  1. It's anti-stress

The search for a certain result that does not end up arriving or the inconveniences to combine training with our professional and personal life cause stress, but thanks to the contribution of antioxidants that supposes the mate helps to reduce the stress, favoring our cardiovascular health. The result, a better physical condition indispensable to practice any sport with a minimum of success.

  1. Helps you rest better

Another of the keys to giving in to the limit is rest. Any athlete needs to sleep well, and mate will help us get a better rest. Although its stimulating character may seem contradictory, mate helps to combat insomnia, while the effect of other stimulant drinks more frequent in athletes than mate is exactly the opposite, preventing a good rest.

  1. It is a recuperator

And we're not just talking about helping you sleep and rest better after your tough training sessions, mate infusions play an essential role in post-training restoration. It is estimated that the rate of restoration after strength routines increases by nine percent in the twenty-four hours following training, and because of its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties it is an ideal product for recovering injured muscles or joints.

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