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Fartlek, also known as speed play, is a popular form of training that consists of changing your running speed from jogging to sprinting. These rhythm changes are organized in time intervals.

This kind of training allows us to work hard to the limit without fatiguing ourselves too quickly. We can practice it outdoors, to run on a treadmill in a closed circuit, in the swimming pool or even by bike. There are no limits to how you can test fartlke's training.

Now you have an idea of how this kind of running training works, we will explain the benefits of fartlek and how to put it into practice.

Advantages of fartlek training

Whether your goals are to increase endurance, lose fat, or simply try a new genre of cardiovascular exercise, fartlek can be an enormously advantageous weapon in your exercise arsenal.

  • Increases endurance. The fartlek helps to improve endurance due to rhythm changes that challenge your muscles in ways that traditional cardio sessions cannot.
  • Fat burning. Using the fartlek as a training procedure will increase your calorific expenditure, thus helping you to lose fat. The really nice thing about fartlek is that the moment you get too tired after a sprint, you can simply change the pace to a gentle jog to rest before returning to speed up.
  • Add plurality to your training. Most people don't know about fartlek, but once they do, they realize how enormously effective and entertaining this training is. It is also a way to fight against the monotony of always and at all times doing exactly the same cardiovascular exercise every day. Fartlek training is ideal for mixing rhythms and giving a new twist to your workouts.

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Example of fartlek training routine

Below, if you want to start making fartlek, let's discuss what ways we can train fartlek in a structured way.

  • The Pyramid

Think of the numbers 1-1-two-two-two-three-three-three-two-two-two-1-1. This means that we jog for a minute and then sprint for the same amount of time. We do the same until we reach 3 minutes and then we go down until we return to one minute.

A variation to this system would be to do two and a half minutes of slow jogging between each sprint series, as follows: 1 minute of sprinting, two?5 minutes of jogging, two?5 minutes of sprinting, two?5 minutes of jogging, three minutes of sprinting, two?5 minutes of jogging, two?5 minutes of sprinting, 1 minute of sprinting, two?5 minutes of rest.

If you have enough energy left, you could do both systems in cycles to increase your cardiovascular capacity and muscle endurance. This could be considered a HIIT training to burn grease quickly.

  • The

By moving tenuously away from the frequent fartleks, we can work on movements other than running. Every two to five minutes, stop and do some flexing, squatting or burping to challenge your fitness skills.

Plurality always and in all circumstances is good for both your psyche and your body, and a blast exercise will truly enhance your potency.

  • Randomized

Maintain minimal structure by using streetlights. Sprint the distance between 2 and rest the distance between 3. Sprint with 3 lanterns and rest the distance between 2. Sprint again with 2 and rest with 4. Even if you hold a random system, choose a certain type of structure, depending on how you feel.

  • Uber

This is ideal for new fartlekers, it's very basic. Every five to ten minutes you should increase your pace by one minute before returning to your normal pace. This will make it easier for you to move in rhythm and prepare you for when you have to run on challenging ground, when your body will be forced to move quickly according to the surface your feet are on.

If you want to keep up with the pace of the race, don't hesitate to try fartlek training in your daily routines, and you'll see how you can achieve incredible results.

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