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Discover the weight loss benefits of casein

Discover the weight loss benefits of casein
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When we decide it’s time to lose weight, one of the first foods we removed from our diet to lose weight is dairy, a huge mistake. Dairy products have casein, a protein that will help us lose weight. That’s why you shouldn’t discard dairy products such as your own milk or Shape Shake, which help you achieve your goal.

Discover the weight loss benefits of casein

How does casein help me lose weight?

The key to casein is its high calcium content, which will help us burn more fat. In truth, we are faced with a protein present in many supplements that athletes and bodybuilders take to stay in shape. The key, explain the specialists, is to find the point of balance between calcium and protein intake, so that this balance allows us to burn fat more simply. If we limit ourselves to increasing the protein but not the calcium, we distance ourselves from the objective.

The other reason why you should include casein in your slimming diet is that this protein has a very interesting satiating effect, which will help you reduce your heat intake day after day. Casein has a rather slow absorption, which allows us to enjoy multiple hours of satiety, disappearing that anxiety to eat. All this without forgetting that casein constantly gives amino acids that will help you avoid and prevent muscle loss, hence its consumption among high level athletes.

Discover the weight loss benefits of casein

In addition to removing dairy products from our diet, or at least drastically reducing their consumption, another mistake we make is to avoid them at night with the false belief that they gain more weight. However, it must be taken into consideration that very often appetite attacks and the anxiety to put something sweet in your mouth occurs at night. Satiating products like casein help us avoid these hunger attacks, so you have no reason to avoid them at night. What’s more, they can be a good complement to dinner.

Shape Shake Shakes

One such supplement is Shape Shake, a shake that complements your daily weight loss meals. This is not a slimming diet in itself, but rather a rather interesting tool when it comes to meeting the goal of losing weight. With a good nutrition, following an active lifestyle and these shakes you will get rid of those extra kilograms.

These are milkshakes that include milk protein from New Zealand grasses. The reason for choosing N. Zealand cows for milkshakes is based on the fact that animals enjoy three hundred and twenty-eight days per year of pasture outdoors, more than the one hundred and twenty days that a cow is believed to give grass milk in Europe. In addition to this, these cows generate eleven litres of fresh milk in front of the twenty high-performance European cows, cows subjected to a certain burden that is then appreciated in the quality and taste of the milk.

Discover the weight loss benefits of casein

The result is healthy shakes that help you lose weight, in exquisite flavors such as chocolate, vanilla or strawberry, with casein that will help us burn fat and feel fed up. In addition to this, we can take them instead of resorting to the usual hypercaloric and very unhealthy snacks, thus suppressing that craving in a way considerably more advantageous for your body and for your goal of losing weight.

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