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Do you like running? Keys to improve your sprint technique

Do you like running? Keys to improve your sprint technique
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Do you like running? Keys to improve your sprint technique

A sprint is an explosive acceleration in a race that you have to know how to do and supervise in order to make the most of its advantages without falling into injuries. It requires specific training and may involve scratching a few essential seconds in the race that are decisive for victory. If you’re a runner, find out how to prosper the sprint now.

It must be assumed that each runner has different physical peculiarities. The sprint is a race of high intensity for which you must be prepared, training progressively to prosper the technique, power and endurance. There’s no point in making a mid-race sprint if we can’t go on then. To avoid this situation, plan your running trainings well and put singular emphasis on doing a specific warm-up that prepares your whole body for maximum speed. Take care of your joints with the precise turns and extensions, but in addition to this, devote a few minutes to exercises of strength and power: jumps, knees to the chest, stride with jump, ankles to the buttocks? These are essential movements if you want to include sprint intervals in the race.

The secrets to progressing the sprint technique

The base of the movement in a race is always and in all circumstances exactly the same for the fact that, really, it does not consist more than to advance putting one foot in front of the other, but if you want to work in depth the technique that allows you to make an unbeatable sprint, certain details such as the location of the arms or the way to support the foot to generate a particular footprint, influence more than you can imagine if it is a question of progressing the brand itself in a race. Certain keys to achieve faster and more powerful sprits are:

Do you like running? Keys to improve your sprint technique

1. Work the core in depth

Although it’s your legs that withstand impact and move as fast as possible, good torso muscle tone is essential to give you the balance, coordination and strength you need.

2. Your arms, good allies

Adopting a proper running posture is essential. Use your arms to get more momentum. Your career balance is critical to meeting goals. When you are going to sprint while running, remember to bend your elbows and move your arms as if you were carrying walking sticks. Raise your fists and keep your elbow well back in a rhythmic motion as you go.

3. Change the footstep

If you want to improve the sprint technique, when you run at full power remember that your toes can assist you in gaining momentum in each and every stride. Generally, if you are jogging or running lightly, you are going to support the heel first to reduce the impact. When making a sprint take advantage of the middle part of your foot. Support it before the heel and “push” with your fingers to get “shot” in the next step. Naturally, mastering the ideal sprint footfall requires training. If you manage to monitor the situation of your feet (and their perfect support) at the moment of running faster, you have a large part of the work done.

Do you like running? Keys to improve your sprint technique

4. Raises knees while running

Another one of the tricks to prosper the sprint lies in the way to make the stride. Don’t think of raising your knees to hip height as a “waste of time. The other way around. To run faster, try to elevate them and also to lengthen to the limit the movement of the heels face back (trying to touch the buttocks). You’re going to see your sprint technique improve progressively.

5. Short steps and interval training

If you are prepared to increase the efficiency in the sprint, remember that it is a question of demanding your muscles to give the best of themselves and that always and in all circumstances must be done in combination with periods of less intensity. Train the sprint in running by taking fast, short steps that do not involve muscle stretching. Sections of moderate speed or always trot and in all circumstances must be interspersed with the sprints. Don’t forget that after maximum care, you must never stop. Reduces speed and also intensity progressively to favor a perfect restoration.

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