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Do you practice running? 3 ways to achieve your personal best

Do you practice running? 3 ways to achieve your personal best
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Nowadays, running is one of the most frequent activities among athletes as well as people who want to get started on the planet of sport. A pair of slippers and some space is all you need to start running. And the fact is, its benefits both physically and psychologically are quite difficult to overlook.

Do you practice running? 3 ways to achieve your personal best

As in all sports, one of the most important factors to take into consideration when running is motivation. If you’re an advanced runner and you’ve been running for a while now, you’ve probably appreciated how your ascent has got stuck. At the start of the race, we all improved in both endurance and speed, and that progress motivates us to keep going. However, after some time our training stagnates. What can we do?

The first thing is to realize that this has happened by the fact that our body has become accustomed to this exercise. It’s practically like running has ceased to be a challenge, and to put it back in this situation we must do new things that let us move forward and surpass our personal brand. Read on to learn how to progress your personal running brand and some basic tips to achieve it.

1. Runs more miles at a time

If we want to prosper our brand we must do something different, since there comes a moment when the mere fact of training does not make us better, but rather only that we support ourselves. Therefore, if you want to run more kilometres in less time, we advise you to increase the number of kilometres you run day by day.

It is essential that the trainings always and in all circumstances go to more and not less. In other words, if you will run seven kilometres a day, don’t do five a day later, as this will make it difficult for your brand to be damaged in a positive way. That’s why you have to do your training progressively, so that your body gets used to advancing.

2. Practice fartlek

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Do you practice running? 3 ways to achieve your personal best

If you are a frequent runner this term will probably ring a bell or you are still familiar with it. In such a case, perfect, since fartlek is one of the most effective formulas that exist to prosper your brand if you run. If you still don’t know how it’s going, stop worrying, we’ll tell you.

The fartlek training is based on the change of rhythm, through which our heart becomes accustomed to a higher rhythm of training. In this way, if we intersperse different rhythms, we will be able to run little by little faster and make our body improve its performance.

To start making fartlek you will have to combine very intense rhythms with softer rhythms, so that you can make one more race by sometimes increasing your speed. A great idea if you are just starting out on this planet is to combine four minutes at a gentle pace with thirty seconds at a high pace.

As on each and every occasion, we can also get used to this training, so each time we will have to change the rhythms to run gradually longer at a high pace. In this way, we will be able to habituate our organism at a greater rate and progress our personal brand.

Do you practice running? 3 ways to achieve your personal best

3. Lead a healthy life

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Do you want to progress your marks as a runner? It is possible that you have launched yourself into running but you have not managed to give up certain habits that can make your brand look completely disadvantaged. For example, eating a balanced diet and maintaining a healthy weight is essential for your body to perform at its limits.

On the other hand, using tobacco or alcohol can cause your performance to be impaired. It’s not that you’re ever going to have a drink, but if going out for beer or gin and tonics is a frequent in your every day, it’s going to be better that you start to slow down in this sense.

Don’t forget to ask your personal trainer any questions you may have so that he or she can assist you in designing a suitable training plan to prosper your brands in the time you consider and depending always and in all circumstances on your possibilities and physical condition.

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