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The health benefits of walking at least twenty minutes a day are well known, but Power Walking is something else. It is a new sport that is becoming more and more passionate as it is ideal for burning calories and strengthening the muscles. If you want to lose weight on foot, sign up for Power Walking, as we've discovered for you now.

Power Walking can be practiced by people of any age and in any circumstance, adapting it to their individual physical condition. Many athletes do it on their active days of rest and it is also ideal for those who want to start a sports activity but are not sure which to choose or where to start.

The Keys to Power Walking for Weight Loss

Improving your overall fitness and losing weight is easy with Power Walking. It is about walking, but taking into account 3 aspects: posture, rhythm and breathing. It is not a simple way to go. That's really good, but the level of demand for Power Walking puts it closer to intense sports activity than to a moment of leisure and relaxation.

Power Walking means walking at a good pace of between forty-five minutes and one hour, maintaining a heart rate of at least sixty-five percent of the total capacity and at an average speed of nine to ten minutes/km, that is, the goal would be to walk six to seven kilometres in one hour, although, as is logical, you should start little by little.

Once you have reached a sufficient level of training and following the recommendations of your doctor or personal trainer, you could lose between three hundred and four hundred calories in a Power Walking session. To achieve this you must be clear about the basics of this new sport:

The posture when walking

We don't notice it too much when we walk, but if you want to know if you want to lose more weight running or walking and take advantage of the limit each step you should take it into consideration. To lose weight while practicing Power Walking you must walk upright, with your back straight and your abdomen contracted. Keep your head straight as well, looking straight ahead. Your shoulders should be subtly facing back, so that they assist in holding your chest high. Arms are essential. When you start with Power Walking, you should put them along your body in a relaxed way, but they should be able to help you with the movement of your legs, propelling you at every step.

The rhythm of the walk

It's not a road, but you don't walk or run either. It's about walking at a light and uninterrupted pace where you can intersperse more intense intervals if your physical condition allows you to do so. This is a cardiovascular activity and to achieve its benefits, remember that you must endure at least forty-five minutes at a minimum speed of ten minutes/km. Keep your stride comfortable and try to subtly raise your toe at each and every step to protect your joints and prevent you from shuffling your feet.

Breathing while walking

It is essential in any exercise and also in Power Walking. Breathe in and out in a compassionate way, breathing fast and shallow. If you notice that you are not getting enough oxygen, breathe through your mouth as if you were running. Breathing control is essential for proper exercise and also for avoiding flatus, especially in the first few sessions.

5 benefits of Power Walking

A one hour crossing a day at a great pace and with the ideal posture is a great way to take care of yourself and to be in excellent physical shape. By practicing Power Walking you will lose weight, but in addition to this, this sports activity will bring you physical and psychological benefits that are worth knowing:

  1. You burn calories without even realizing it, while eliminating fats and toxins.
  2. You tone each and every muscle set. The core is strengthened and the goal flat stomach is very close; legs and buttocks perfectly toned and arms without hint of flaccidity.
  3. You take care of your heart and circulatory system by getting it to lower your blood pressure.
  4. Improve and also increase the respiratory capacity.
  5. On a psychological level, you release tension and stress by raising your self-esteem.

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