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If you have knee discomfort and you think it's best to give up exercise radically, you get confused. Exercise can help you strengthen muscles, tendons and joints, so discover the best sports you can do if your knees hurt and get going!

There are so many health benefits to sport that you should not abandon it, even if sometimes your knees hurt, provided, of course, that your doctor does not indicate the opposite. It should not be forgotten that sometimes these pains are caused by overweight, lack of elasticity or weakness of the leg muscles, particularly the quadriceps, which are responsible for the good union and stability of the knees. For this reason, the idea of giving up all physical activity and opting for a sedentary life in the face of the first discomforts of this kind is not the best.

What sports do you play if your knees hurt?

Moving your legs while exercising is not necessarily harmful, but if you have knee pain you should choose sports that do not have a high impact that could increase discomfort. In a jump, or in a race stride if you run, the whole weight of your body falls on your knees when you come into contact with the ground. Therefore, when faced with knee pain, you should choose sports like the ones we invite you to see below:

Swimming and aquagym

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Any exercise you do in the water will have less impact on your joints as a whole just by floating. Swimming at a gentle (not running) pace, you move your joints in the water, which takes care of minimizing the effects of any impact. If your knees hurt and you like swimming, the crawl and back styles are the most convenient for you. Gymnastic exercises in the water are another option to consider. With a studied aquagym routine, you can keep fit by doing a multitude of exercises without your knees suffering the least bit.


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No training is easier, healthier and cheaper. It would be unusual to find a doctor who would advise against walking at least thirty to forty minutes a day at your pace. We don't talk about running, which is a high-impact sport, but rather about walking as you go, moving your knees and strengthening those joints and the muscles that support them.


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Despite what you might meditate on in the first moment, cycling is a sport you can do even if your knees hurt. The movement involved in pedaling is ideal for"greasing" those joints, but you should observe your posture on the bike, taking particular care with the seat's support. As a rule, the saddle should be higher than normal in order to bend the knees as little as possible without forcing them under any circumstances. A bike path, which is easy to ride, without slopes and does not require enormous care, is ideal for taking care of you and your knees.

The elliptic

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If you want to stay in shape, burn calories and fat without your knees suffering, the elliptical gym machine is the machine with which you will achieve the best results. In it, the impact against the surface disappears absolutely and the joints move smoothly while you work not only on the muscles of your legs but also on your arms and abdomen.


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Even though it's not exactly a sport, a Pilates session can contribute effectively not only to your fitness but also to improving any discomfort you may have in your knees. There are many different routines in this discipline and choosing one that focuses on working the elasticity of the entire body, including the lower extremities, can make that knee pain go away or be minimized. Gentle stretching, twisting, determined postures to increase flexibility? try this"sport" if your knees hurt is an alternative to take into consideration.

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