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Tuna is a blue fish and an edible full of good properties. The quantity and quality of the protein it provides to the body makes it an ally that cannot be missing in the diet of any athlete. If you want to increase your muscle mass, eat tuna! At the culinary level there are a thousand ways to prepare it and it is the ideal ingredient to make all kinds of dishes: in salads, in stews, on the grill? Take it fresh as often as you can or canned, best in olive oil, as an easy way to take care of your muscles and make them develop.

Tuna helps to gain muscle mass because of its high protein content, which ranges from twenty percent to twenty-five percent... It is also a protein of perfect quality, of simple digestion, which the body assimilates with speed and full use to fix the damaged fibers throughout the exercise and encourage the creation of new ones.

Proteins are a set of macronutrients that act as if they were the"bricks" needed to shape our muscles. Including the tuna in a meal or snack before training is a great way to prepare and protect the muscles for the strength work they are going to do. After training, a piece of grilled tuna may be the best"medicine" to repair muscle fibers, perhaps damaged by such care.

Tuna, indispensable in the diet of an athlete

There are many advantageous properties of tuna that make it advisable to eat it before and after training. The protein it contains is essential for the development of muscles, but in addition to this, its contribution in essential fatty acids, such as Omega three, make it a healthy food as few others and essential for the development of sporting activity.

These acids protect the cardiovascular system, controlling cholesterol levels and improving our blood circulation system. Vitamins A, D and B (niacin) and minerals such as calcium make the rich composition of tuna give multiple benefits and should be part of any balanced diet. The benefits of eating the most essential tuna are as follows:

  • Protects the immune system by increasing natural defenses
  • Promotes neuronal function by preventing cell aging
  • Keeps cholesterol and triglycerides at bay
  • It is low in fat, so its general calorific contribution is minimal and helps to maintain the correct weight.
  • Your essential fatty acids take care of your joints

If you train your strength, the tuna helps to support your muscles in perfect condition, promoting their development. In a diet complementary to a routine whose objective is to gain definition, it cannot be missing.

Other foods recommended for gaining muscle mass

The 3 sets of macronutrients: carbohydrates, proteins and fats have to be present in the diet, but if it's about increasing volume and strength in your muscles, the protein has to gain stardom. Oily fish is generally perfect as a basic ingredient for lunches and dinners. Apart from tuna, salmon, mackerel, mackerel, sardines, etc., they are ideal for gaining muscle.

Among the foods with high protein content of the highest quality, which also have to be part of your diet, the egg should not be missing. A super edible that concentrates, particularly in its egg white, an amount of protein capable of repairing muscle fibers quickly and achieving, in addition to this, an increase of exactly the same. With this, it helps you to recover after an intense training every week.

Also the lean red meats, with minimum fat intake, and poultry (chicken and turkey) are basic in the diet if you train hard every day to get the fat tissue to reduce and your muscles sprout showing their strength and power.

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