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Don't let a moment of laziness and laziness spoil your training plan at home, outdoors or in the gym. If the desire to lie down on the couch becomes powerful, practice these ways to motivate yourself to train to your full potential, read on!

You have to admit that sometimes it's hard to get going and we can find any excuse to skip the time we spend on sport. Motivation is key to overcoming those seconds when the idea of training is unappealing. You have every reason to overcome your reluctance and do something you truly enjoy, even if it requires a little care.

Tips for motivating yourself when it's lazy to train

As a first tip to avoid the temptation to skip a workout, having good planning is always and always very helpful. If you write down in your diary the time you are going to dedicate to your sports activity - you can do it with the help of a training diary - it will be easier for you to organize yourself and fulfill the program that you have established with your availability in mind.

Don't wait until you feel like training. It is best to set up your plan with a number of days and hours per week for running, cycling, swimming or gym attendance. If, despite having your workouts scheduled, you simply don't feel like exercising today, here are some ideas that can increase your motivation:

1. Change your routine

In most cases, the lack of motivation or unwillingness to train is due to the fact that your training is jaded, or because it is too repetitive, or because you are at a point of stagnation, where you feel that it does not bring you anything new despite your care. Moving around or adding new exercises to your workout is a great way to find motivation to train every day at home, outdoors or in the gym.

If you run and generally train endurance in long races, switch and focus on the high-speed intervals; if you cycle on asphalt, try a mountain bike ride and if you train in the gym and you don't have a machine to test, maybe this is the time. A new exercise or a sport you have never practiced are always and always motivating challenges.

2. Of premiere

It is not irrelevant to have some clothing or equipment that will serve as a spur for those bad times when training becomes hard. Checking the cushioning of your new shoes or doing your strength exercises with these heavier dumbbells than the previous ones is a simple and more effective way to strengthen your motivation to train alone or together, when it starts to fail.

3. Visualize ?after?

When it gets tight, think about how good you'll feel after exercising. You play sports because of the fact that you want to. It is not an obligation, but rather something you like to do because when you finish the activity you feel really good. Lighter, healthier and full of energy. With so many benefits.... who claimed vagrancy?

4. Remember your goals and objectives

Whoever wants something costs something and a good formula to motivate yourself and train yourself to the fullest is to bring to your psyche that goal you want to achieve. Lose weight, build up your muscles, gain flexibility, beat your speed record in the race? If you remember your goal, the idea of achieving it will be your best motivation.

5. Seeks external motivation

Do you get used to training alone or in company? When a lack of motivation complicates the idea of getting started, you can really use the support of other people who practice your sport. Running in company or together, or going to the gym with friends is good practice to encourage you and avoid having a workout.

6. Music

A good soundtrack can motivate you to the limit and get you"on your feet" so that you can go out and train with the desire to give your best. There is no specific music, because the ideal harmony depends on each person. You will have to locate your own and put it in those moments of"downturn", when your will is weak against the idea of exercising.

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