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Don’t you like running? So you can walk to burn more calories.

Don’t you like running? So you can walk to burn more calories.
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Running has become the trend sport. There are many advantages you will find in this discipline. However, running is not within the reach of everyone, especially older people or those with joint problems. The alternative option they have is to include hiking or hiking in their daily routine. This will require a series of changes in our walking habits. We’re going to increase the distance and the rhythm, apart from adding slopes.

Don't you like running? So you can walk to burn more calories.

If you don’t like running and want to lose weight, it’s time for you to learn to walk to burn more calories every day. Keep reading!

How to lose weight while walking

An activity as easy as walking half an hour a day can help fight anxiety, lower cholesterol, thrive lung capacity, and lower blood pressure. It can also become a perfect ally in our attempt to lose weight. If you’ve been practicing this discipline for some time without results, you’ll be interested in knowing how to walk to burn more calories. Here are some tips and tricks to get it:

Walking at a brisk pace

It would be advisable to walk half an hour a day at a rate that does not exceed eighty percent of the maximum heart rate. You can also start to replace certain customs, such as walking to places instead of taking the vehicle or the bus.

By increasing the rhythm of the crossing we will be able to get out of the comfort zone. For this it is essential to walk in those areas where there are no traffic lights, commercial spaces or shop windows, while always and in all circumstances there is the danger of stopping at any time. With what it looks for routes and long ways and little travelled that allow us to carry out a greater length of stride without needing to draw people.

Don't you like running? So you can walk to burn more calories.

Vary speed

Alternate fast-paced instants with slower ones. In this way you will be able to raise your heart rate and you will be able to scorch more calories training. In the same way that it happens if you run with changes of rhythm, walking is a good option for those who fatigue with simplicity, while they will be able to catch their breath from time to time.

Changes in the route

Avoid always and at all times doing exactly the same route to lose weight walking. The more alterations you introduce in your journeys, the more calories you will burn. This is due to changes in movements and changes in levels of care.

If you always and at all times make exactly the same route or path, the body will end up getting used to it and will become lazy. You will be able to speed up your heart rate by prolonging or shortening the course, accelerating the pace from time to time or changing the stride length on a regular basis.

Use a heart rate monitor

If you start training with a heart rate monitor, you’ll be interested to know that these devices will let you control your heart rate so that you don’t exceed your limits and the pumping rate continues unabated in your attempt to burn more calories while walking.

Doing more slopes

Although you may find it a little tiring at first, over time you’ll appreciate the introduction of ups in your training routine. The slopes will strengthen the muscles of the legs and buttocks. Aside from taking into consideration the tips for training on slopes, you should know that by increasing the intensity of the journey you will burn more calories and lose weight more easily.

Don't you like running? So you can walk to burn more calories.

Add extra weight

Another way of walking to burn more calories is to add extra weight to your hiking or hiking sessions. While walking you can use a dumbbell in each and every hand or carry a backpack on your back with a certain weight. In order not to damage the joints, the use of ankle weights is not recommended.

Variety so as not to fall into boredom

For many people, going for a walk at an intense pace can be very lazy and monotonous. For this reason, it is advisable to introduce some movements such as jumping every few steps, lifting your knees, walking on tiptoe or doing a flexion every hundred metres. You’ll burn more calories and the activity will be more fun.

Remember that although it is not as demanding as running, when you walk you will also burn a lot of calories and lose weight with simplicity. Always remember to consult your doctor or personal trainer if you have any doubt about burning more calories while walking.

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