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Download week: why is it important to download?

Download week: why is it important to download?
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A week of unloading is a planned period in your training for active rest and muscle restoration. Discharge properly lets your whole body recover the muscles after the effort and prevent injuries to joints, tendons, ligaments, etc. In addition to this, helps to return hormone levels to their original state and relax the nervous system.

Download week: why is it important to download?

For this reason, especially when it comes to training focused on strength and muscular hypertrophy, a week of unloading is essential. Otherwise, we are going to put our well-being as athletes at risk, we are going to greatly increase the risk of injury and we are going to move away from our objectives.

Download week: why is it important to download?

This is how you plan your download week

Do you want to know why it is essential to rest after intense training? Now, we’re going to give you 5 clues about the download week and why it’s so essential to do it:

  1. A week of unloading should not be a week of no physical activity. You must not cease all activity. You can reduce your weights, series and reiterations. This mode of training is exaggeratedly effective. Don’t lie on the couch, totally immobile. You can continue to run, but at a slower pace, or replace it with crossings to work on joint mobility. It’s simply not doing anything that you need to “recover”.
  2. or you’ll lose your muscles and all your progress by doing a week of unloading. Research shows that it takes about 3 weeks of inactivity for the first signs of muscle atrophy to appear. Losses of strength can happen and occur in less than 3 weeks, but this is practically neutral, and no loss of fat-free mass is observed. When it comes to the interruption of progress, it is not customary to take a few days of rest.
  3. Studies have been carried out and it has been proven that muscle progress is identical in subjects who spend a few weeks resting between trainings during a certain period to those who did not. In truth this can be a way to get more excited about the training again. So rest can result and is still advantageous.
  4. Make rest deliberate; time off due to injury or illness does not count. On the other hand, a vacation like you can logically count it as a shock because you’re not going to be piling up too much auxiliary physiological burden on the body. But if you have contracted the flu or have a pull that forces you to rest, that’s not really a shock. So the body is recovering from the disease and trying to overcome the drawbacks associated with it.
  5. Your joints will appreciate it. Remember that connective tissue takes longer to mold and heal than muscle tissue. The muscles could recover in a perfect way if you give them a week of discharge every 4, or 3 for example.

To finish and better understand the relevance of rest after exercise, you should know that the only measure you should take into consideration if you are going to take a week of discharge, is to reduce the calorific consumption in the diet. Well, you’ll spend less energy, you’ll have to be careful and adjust your diet. Therefore, try to eat lighter meals and regulate your nutrition as well as your training.

Download week: why is it important to download?

So, how often do I have to do this well-known week of downloading? The body will affirm it, so that you will have to be very attentive. You also have help such as this guide in which we invite you, depending on the type of training, to rest every 4 weeks, or if you do not train the force very seriously, every 8 or even 9. As is logical, it is a question that also depends on the subject who is undergoing training.

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