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fibrous ectomorph weight loss guidelines

Eliminate fat, build muscle: explosive circuit with dumbbells

Eliminate fat, build muscle: explosive circuit with dumbbells
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Add weights to your exercise routine and build some muscle by boosting metabolism while strengthening your entire body. With this training, we do not leave a muscle without working, so it is advisable to take a set of dumbbells between two and ten kg. Although it is better to use 2 sets of dumbbells of different weights, to try exercises with more weight. The more frequently and consistently you do these dumbbell exercises, the more weight you’ll be able to lift in less time.

Eliminate fat, build muscle: explosive circuit with dumbbells

Warm up five minutes with low intensity cardio, and then repeat each circuit of 3 exercises, 3 times each. It starts with ten repetitions of each exercise, and increases to fifteen repetitions of each one the moment you feel stronger.

Circuit 1

1.1. Rotating plate

Turn face each side starting from the iron situation, working the core and the thighs.

  • Begin in an iron situation with a dumbbell of two kg. in each and every hand, holding the strong wrists to protect the joints. Move your feet a little wider than the width of your hips.
  • Raise your left hand face the roof, turning with your torso. The pelvis will also veer, but keep the level and height of this.
  • Take your left hand face the floor again, and repeat this movement with your right arm, to fill a reiteration.
  • Make ten to fifteen reiterations on each and every reiteration of the circuit.

Use dumbbells between two and five kilograms.

1.2. External rotation of shoulders to one leg

Test your balance as you work the small muscles that strengthen the shoulder, collectively known as the rotator cuff. This exercise also helps to achieve a more worked arms.

  • Stand with all your weight on your left leg, and raise your right knee to hip level. Hold a weight in each and every hand and raise your arms until your elbows are at shoulder level at a ninety-degree angle and parallel to the ground.
  • Keep your balance and turn your arms face forward in the direction of sleep, and now face back, to return to the initial posture. The essential thing is not to move the arms of the axis of the shoulders, parallel to the ground. This complete movement is equivalent to a reiteration.
  • Do between ten and fifteen repetitions and then change legs, elevating the left knee, and do another ten or fifteen repetitions, to finish the first series.

1.3. Sentadilla, curl and press

Going from a squatting situation to a shoulder press is a strength exercise that involves the cardiorespiratory system as well, that is, it helps to burn even more calories, in addition to building a more formed buttocks.

  • Get straight into a squatting position, with hips low and dumbbells in each and every hand. Lose some weight on your heels, with your thighs parallel to the floor, without letting your knees go further than the tips of your toes.
  • Face down with your heels to get up, while carrying the weights face to shoulder, making a bicep curl.
  • It stabilizes the log and accompanies the body with a press movement of the shoulders, moving the arms face up with the palms face out.
  • Lower your arms back to the side of the body and return to the initial situation. This is a reiteration.
  • Do ten to fifteen reiterations.

Uses weights between two and seven kg.

Eliminate fat, build muscle: explosive circuit with dumbbells

Circuit 2

2.1. Opening with elevated legs

Work the pectorals to achieve a little volume in the pectoral area, in unison with strengthening lower abdominals.

  • Lying on your back with your hips and knees at an angle of 90º, and also involving abdominals, press with your back face the floor, putting your arms face to the ceiling, with your legs face to face, and holding your elbow tenuously flexed.
  • Keep your torso stable, open your arms and face your sides until your elbows are close to the ground, a few centimetres away.
  • Raise your arms until the dumbbells are attached to your chest. And go back to the initial posture. This completes a reiteration.
  • Make fifteen reiterations to fill a series.

Uses weights between two and five kilograms.

2.2. Jersey with elevated legs

Work shoulders and abs with this exercise.

  • Placed on the floor face up, with hips and knees at a 90º angle, and also involving abdominals to make pressure with the lower back over the mat, raise your arms face the ceiling, holding elbows tenuously flexed.
  • He carries his arms over his head, so the weights move backwards, passing over his head. Do not allow the back to form an arc, separating itself from the ground, by lowering the weights face the ground, behind the head.
  • Raise your arms again, to return to the initial situation, with your arms straight on line face up. This is a reiteration.
  • Make fifteen reiterations to fill a series.

Uses weights between two and five kilograms.

2.3. Russian Abdominals

With this movement you work abdominals and core.

  • Sit on the floor, flexing your legs and supporting your heels midway between what would be your stretched leg and your buttocks. Holding your back straight, tilt your entire torso back a few inches. You have to feel how the abs work to hold the posture.
  • Without arching the spinal column, turn the torso to the left, and now returns to the center, to turn to the right, always and at all times accompanying the body with the dumbbell well held with both hands.
  • Make fifteen reiterations to fill a series.

Uses a weight of between four and eight kg.

Eliminate fat, build muscle: explosive circuit with dumbbells

Circuit 3

3.1. Stride with shoulder extension

This exercise also involves cardiovascular activity.

  • Stand with your feet together, keeping the weights on your shoulders with your palms face out.
  • Take a step backwards like simulating a stride, forming a 90º angle between the two knees.
  • Push badly to get up and wear exactly the same left knee face forward at another 90° angle, in unison with your arms raised above your head. Make the movement controlling in every instant the posture of the body.
  • Without touching the ground with the left foot, take it back face, making the stride, to begin the second reiteration.
  • Do 15 repetitions and then change legs.

3.2. Triceps kick plate

Work arms, abdominals and the complete core with this variation of plate.

  • Start in an ironing situation with a dumbbell in each and every hand. Move your feet more than the width of your hips for good support.
  • Lift your left arm back as far as you can. And finally put you back in ironing situation a reiteration.
  • Do ten to fifteen repetitions with each arm.

It uses a weight of between two and six kg.

3.3. Weight-bearing squats

Gain weight in this final exercise and use dumbbells up to ten kilograms.

  • Stand with your feet at a greater distance than the width of your hips, with your toes pointing faintly outward, keeping a dumbbell with both hands between your legs.
  • Go down to a squatting situation, doing a squat, holding the weight on the heels and the chest raised. The bottom of the dumbbell should gently touch the ground.
  • Use your heels to return to the initial situation and fill in a reiteration.
  • Make fifteen reiterations finally a series.

You can use dumbbells between eight and twelve kg.

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