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Sandra Pino is Spanish Fitness Champion and psychologist. Today he has written a book called EMOTIONAL FITNESS.

This book is addressed to each and every one of the public, in which he talks about his experience as an athlete and his professional career with his service clients. It is a book that unites sport and psychology. In it he speaks of the relevance of training the four Bodies (sensitive, mental, spiritual and physical). The feeling of well-being depends on achieving a balance between all... This balance is what we call full bliss.

Since its publication, a large number of professionals in the field of sport have contacted her to request specific training on its methodology. So you've developed a three-level course. The cities chosen for the first level are the cities of Madrid, Zaragoza, Cadiz, Malaga, Barna, Gran Canaria and Tenerife.

Those interested can request information via the website

What is Sensitive Fitness?

To assist the end user in the process. The end user always and at all times sets a goal, and professionals assist them in achieving it, without making them dependent on their help.

How does it help you?

Giving environment tools to training, nutrition and psychology or positive thinking.

Eighty percent of the failures are based on the lack of tools at the psychological level. The other 20 percent consists of applying habits around food and exercise.

This is why Sensitive Fitness is becoming a benchmark discipline. Because the trainer or trainer complements his technical knowledge with this new methodology.

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In which cases can it be applied?

This technique can be applied always and in all circumstances, but above all it is highly advisable to attend what we call"lost cases" those people who have apologies for everything. In such a case, working with them at this level helps them to change their perception and thus progress their habits.

What are 3 levels?

1st Level - Initiation Course to Sensitive and Systemic Training

It consists of a one-weekend training, eighteen hours in its entirety. In it they teach the basic tools to understand their customer's service and see it as a whole. They teach professionals to communicate with their users and to design a strategic plan for their loyalty.

This level is being very well received in the sports field, as it is an accessible course and also a preparatory course for the master.

2nd Level - Master in Sensitive and Systemic Training

It consists of a course of eight weekends, in total one hundred and twenty hours of training, spread over eight months. Each and every weekend we will work on specific aspects of psychology, NLP, systemic training, sales strategy and high performance.

3rd level - Certificate in Emotional Fitness

It consists of a six-month certification on line, for a total of 12 hours. It consists of accompanying the pupil in his or her practical cases so that they can be solved without complexity.

Who are the authors of this master's degree?

She has created this master's degree alongside Idoya Aguilar, an excellent professional in organizational and systemic training. She applies her methodology with entrepreneurs, small and medium enterprises, medium and multinational companies. It is for this reason that Sandra chose her for this project. In his training he knows how to transmit clarity about concepts, as well as having a systemic vision that helps professionals to understand their clients and to solve possible problems.

Sandra, on the other hand, is in charge of combining the two disciplines, sport and psychology, so that the trainer can use my knowledge and apply it simply with his service clients.

For each and every one of those interested, there is a previous four-hour seminar called"The Pillars of Sensitive Fitness" in which the professional can get an idea of the benefits of this discipline and where he or she can get an idea of what he or she is going to find out in the introductory course. They have all the information on their social networks and websites.

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