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Have you been training for a long time? Do you feel that when you finish your exercises your body is very tired? If this is the case, something is wrong with your article-training!

I'm sure that concepts like stretching, amino acids and rest will be the first to flood your psyche, if you think about what you do next after training. But among these 3 main concepts, there is one main one to ensure the success of the next session and the well-being of your muscles.

Do you know what process we're talking about? The one that is capable of fixing and loosening muscle fibers that have been damaged by training.

It seems unrealistic, but it is at rest that the stress is reduced, the process of restoring the muscles begins and the increase in Melatonin production takes place. The hormone Melatonin, is secreted throughout sleep, causing development and taking charge of increasing muscle development and each and every one of those substances that help sustain your immune system high.

But resting or resting is not just sleeping! In the case of athletes, it is overly essential to get adequate rest between training sessions, as this is the key to increasing sports performance.

Based on all this, a few weeks ago in the feelforfit newsroom, we began to look for ways to optimize the athletes' rest. In search, we find a truly phenomenal alternative! The new generation Eve Sleep pallet.

Uniquely designed to give rest to those who take their body to the maximum and anyone who considers the main rest. This mattress has the only technology capable of regulating circulation and assisting with the restoration of the muscles after an exercise session.

Thanks to this technique, the pains and discomfort that usually appear the next day will be more than solved.

Eve Sleep makes your choice very simple, you don't have to spend hours deciding, all of its sizes have exactly the same peculiarities. So pick one and in less than a week you'll have it at home, you won't think it's made in Germany!

Another of the points to highlight that we liked the most is the effect of lying in a real cloud. Truly the softness of its layers and how they adapt to your silhouette, get an unbeatable feeling at rest. Having the security of a quality rest is a pleasure for you and your muscles.

But we can see that among the company's priorities is not only ensuring comfort after exercise. Attention to detail also plays an essential role.

We can check it with the original way of packing it. When you open the box, you discover a series of sayings and prayers related to the planet of rest, which give you a feeling of optimism and a truly pleasant motivation.

This pallet at first sight looks like a challenge, but nothing is what it looks like. Simply and with the help of scissors, you remove the protective plastic and time will do the rest. Practically immediately it will begin to swell up until the moment when in about two or three hours it achieves the consistency of a traditional straw mattress with each and every one of the peculiarities of a viscous generation.

How has Eve managed to create a pallet with each and every one of these peculiarities?

Incorporating new layers in the same block, each one individually designed to achieve maximum well-being:

Top layer (improves comfort): The top layer of the pallet is the softest part of the whole set. It is constructed with precisely 4cm of viscoelastic foam, to wrap your body and release the pressure points where they are precise and thus facilitate the perfect movement.

In this way, the new foam is able to sustain heat accumulation and perspiration at perfect levels.

Medium layer (memory foam): This is the layer of success, where the pallet is softened and the sensation of sinking is guaranteed. In addition to this, the air flow is improved by 30% thanks to one of the main features (the yellow fabric) that covers the entire side.

Base layer (high density): Finally, the bottom layer gives a large part of the primary support, given the stiffness of the foam.

As mentioned earlier, the new memory layer is the essence of the pallet. It makes the sinking sensation of this one completely different from any and all of the ones you've ever tasted before. With this small improvement, the adaptation of your body and stability are possible at the same time.

In our opinion, we would never have thought that it is possible to sleep with someone and that their movements do not influence your sleep and rest.

Therefore, we can confirm that it solves the 2 main disadvantages attributed to viscoelastic pallets; that they are heated with the anatomical temperature which interrupts sleep, and that they produce a sensation of sinking and also temporary immobility.

But its success is not only based on quality, but also on attractive, modern design with simple lines and pure colours: white and yellow. In addition to this, not only do you have the range of pallets, but your rest can be considerably more complete thanks to the customizable pillows and sheets they have.

Eve Sleep has gained space in most homes, guaranteeing maximum comfort and quality with the minimum possible investment. Would you like to try it? You have a hundred nights without any commitment, but we are sure that in less than a couple of weeks you will want to keep it!

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