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For sports enthusiasts, or those who want to enter this planet, there are 2 terms that take a lot into account and that in recent times has a lot of boom. These are the HIIT and the LISS, 2 effective trainings for different peculiarities. There are those who prefer a high intensity training, and there are those who combine the two. But what exactly is LISS training? We'll explain it to you now.

If you want to start training and above all, if your goal is to lose weight, LISS training is for you. The aim is to carry out medium-low intensity exercises over a long period of time, at least forty minutes. This is not to say that only those who are not physically fit practice this training, but it is precise exercises for everyone.

What is LISS training?

Its name is due to initials that would be Low Intensity Steady State, or what it means in English means cardio of low intensity prologue. As can be guessed, they consist of an incessant cardiovascular exercise, where the duration is the essential, and to support the maximum possible time the intensity is low, but the incessant effort.

One of the questions you may have is whether LISS or HIIT is better for weight loss. Since it is an ideal exercise for weight loss, and while HIIT is more intense and burns more calories, the LISS is the ideal ally for weight loss, since by maintaining an incessant pace and long duration, the body uses fat reserves. In addition to this, as opposed to HIIT, it can be done more than a couple of times a week.

While it is true that for many people to do LISS training may be too simple due to its low intensity, it is also true that there are some types of marathon, which is considered this kind of training and requires a consistency that is only trained through this kind of exercise.

Which types of exercises fall into the LISS category?

Whether you want to start training, are overweight or want to get in shape, LISS training is a good option. But if you are one of those who practice high intensity exercises, it is also recommended that you introduce this training to combine it with the HIIT. If you are a bit lost, now we are going to give you some examples of exercises of this kind.

For example, you can start by walking fast or even start jogging slowly. It is not enough to simply walk, you will have to do it at an incessant and fast pace, so that the burning of calories is efficient. Another way to do this is to walk more uphill, so that the slope makes you take more care to climb it little by little. You can do this both on outdoor hills and in the gym by choosing the inclination of the treadmill.

Another very simple way to practice LISS training is to climb stairs or get an elliptical machine and practice on it. You'll see the benefits of doing half an hour of elliptical right away, at a moderate speed. If you prefer, you can also opt for a rowing machine or even an exercise or normal bike.

Moderate swimming is also ideal, especially if you have back problems or are overweight. In the pool you will be able to feel more diligent and lose calories at a moderate rate. In addition to this, if you live near the beach you can practice at sea. Always and at all times with a head and with respect for caution, of course.

If you see that the LISS training is too little and you notice that you get stuck, it is the moment to combine it with the HIIT, and that is, these 2 combined trainings are the best option, both to get in shape to burn calories and lose weight. Always and at all times remember to ask your questions with a personal trainer or expert instructor in this discipline before you start to practice it.

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