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Are you interested in exercising throughout your pregnancy? Perfect!

You should know that countless studies have proven the remarkable extent to which fitness has been awarded to developing fetuses. Exercise is certainly a huge advantage for both you and your baby (if difficulties do not limit your ability to exercise throughout your pregnancy). That doesn't mean that there are no limits to the kinds of exercises or intensity you can work on.

The practice of different exercises can help you in:

  • Relieve back pain and prosper your posture by strengthening and strengthening the muscles of your back, buttocks and thighs.
  • Reduce constipation by speeding up the movement in your bowels.
  • Prevent joint wear (which loosens during pregnancy due to normal hormonal changes) by activating the lubricating fluid in the joints.
  • Help you sleep better by calming the stress and anxiety that could make you restless at night.

Here are a series of exercises to practice throughout your pregnancy, which will make you feel considerably more active:

Wall bending

Stand in front of a wall, once you are in front of it, lean on it with your hands, they should be at shoulder level, then put your knees comfortably apart. Slowly bend your elbows and lower your chest until your chin reaches the wall. Remember to keep your back straight. Now, return to the initial situation.

15 repetitions


If you practice squats now, it will be easier to squat throughout your pregnancy. Try doing sit-ups with a fitness ball.

With a fitness ball on your back against the wall, your feet should be no wider than the width of your shoulders. Slide down the wall until your knees reach a 90-degree angle, taking care to hold your heels flat on the floor. If you can't bend your knees at a 90-degree angle, simply go down to your maximum and then return to your original position.

10 repetitions


This is the ideal exercise to strengthen your back and abdominal muscles, try to lift your legs. Start with your hands and knees, keeping them straight and your hands directly under your shoulders. Lift your right knee, then stretch your leg behind you. The final situation is to have your legs parallel to the ground. You must reiterate with the other leg.

10 reiterations on both sides


They play step-ups, you will need an elevated platform or if you have stairs at home with the first step. Stand near a wall or railing to support balance or auxiliary support, if necessary. Step up with one foot and lift your body face up when you step up. Now, go back to the starting situation and raise the other foot. When you step-up, remember to hold your back straight and plant your foot completely on the platform.

Do as many repetitions as you can, depending on your fitness level.


The ironing exercises challenge your stability and work the lateral muscles of your body. Put your left shoulder just above your left elbow, holding your shoulders, hips and knees in line. Rest your right arm along the side of your body. Hold this situation for multiple seconds and then go down.

10 repetitions per side

Triceps Extensions Ball Exercise

Lie down with your back to the ball, buttocks close to the ground, and feet in an extended position. Keep a weight on your head, holding your elbows open. Raise the dumbbell by straightening your arms, then slowly lower yourself back to your starting position and repeat the exercise.

10 repetitions

If you're starting out, try this circuit once. If your physical condition allows you to repeat the circuit two to four times.

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