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This week comes autumn, and with the arrival of this season, the long dress parties are officially premiered. For those occasions when we want to be perfect and very elegant, it is essential to take care of the appearance of the parts that are most exposed with this kind of dress such as the arms, shoulders and the upper part of the neckline. But how to achieve aesthetic arms? feelforfit presents you with a series of exercises that you will be able to work on day after day for fifteen minutes. It is best to repeat this circuit with a one minute rest between each series.

1. Frontal Lift

Take a light dumbbell in each and every hand and lift them up in unison. The goal is to make a diagonal movement in which you end up with your fists in front of you and your arms in a"v" shape. To avoid mistakes, pay particular attention to always hold your back straight and your arms straight at all times. In the final situation you must be able to hold your shoulders parallel to the ground. It is good that every time you adopt the v-shaped posture with your arms supporting one or two seconds. Repetitions can change between twelve and fifteen.

2. Shoulder Press

Start the exercise by holding the 2 dumbbells just above your shoulders. Keep your arms straight, not folded and with your palms facing each other. It's good to have your knees bent and not tense. Then push the dumbbells over your head with your shoulders. Once on top, hold for two seconds and repeat the operation six or eight times.

3. Triceps Donkey Kick

Subtly bend your knees and also bend your body face forward. Again, in this exercise you need to hold the dumbbells in your hands. Start with the right elbow bent into a right angle and put it as far back as you can (the key is to hold the triceps parallel to the ground). Stretch out your arm completely face backwards and keep it straight. Just hang on in that situation for a few seconds and start over. Twelve to fifteen repetitions are ideal for each arm.

4. Combo Bending

Stand up as straight as you can. Now, with your knees slightly bent, put your hands on the floor holding your arms outstretched. Walk with your hands until you are in a position to do a push up and do a push up. Holding the situation together, walk with your feet as far forward as you can. That's a reiteration. Continue to do so until you reach six reiterations.

5. Location of the aircraft

Lie on your stomach and extend your hands to shoulder level with your palms facing the floor. With the situation straight, stand up subtly and raise your arms and feet as high as you can. In that situation, move your arms in front of your head. Just hold on for a second and face back. It is essential that you try to hold your limbs straight throughout the exercise. Ten to fifteen repetitions are ideal.

6. Rowing with Mancuerna

The starting situation of this exercise is very similar to that of number three. Keep one of your knees at a right angle. The other put it as far back as possible and rest your torso on your bent knee. Take the dumbbell with your right hand and put your arm straight (as if it were a dead weight). Then lift the dumbbell up to hold the elbow behind your body. Make twelve to fifteen repetitions.

7. T-shaped bending

Put yourself in a bending situation with your arms completely stretched out. To do this flexion it is essential to have your hands at exactly the same height as your shoulders (also when you do a normal flexion, if not, you can easily injure yourself). Do the flexion and when you return to the natural situation, push your body face up. Do it by rotating your right side (if you start on the right) and raising your right hand up to the ceiling. It holds for one second and returns to the initial situation. Then, repeat the whole process but lifting the other part of your body. Make 5 reiterations.

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