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Exercises to tone the lower rectus abdominis

Exercises to tone the lower rectus abdominis
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Getting a toned abs and a flat stomach can be one of the most difficult goals to achieve in training. Both genetics and certain routine habits prevent the fat piled up in the lower abdomen from being easily eliminated.

Exercises to tone the lower rectus abdominis

In order to tone up those rebellious lower abdominals, it is essential to focus on the training routine but also to burn the fat of the whole body and to pay singular attention to the diet. Specific routines will only work if accompanied by aerobic activities to burn fat normally and a balanced diet that assists in reducing calorie intake.

5 exercises that will help you train your lower abdominals:

Reverse abdominals:

This exercise requires a contrarian contraction, from the legs, and can be performed on a carpet or a mat.

The first step is to stretch on your back with your feet barely elevated on the floor and your knees bent. The movement consists of contracting the muscles of the abdomen and bringing the knees face to chest. It is essential to focus the force on the stomach and to avoid forcing the legs or the back.

To accentuate the exercise even more, your legs must be held in the air with your knees bent at a 45° angle and your chest must be brought back to your face with a faster movement than the previous one.


To do this exercise you have to lie on your back, lift your two legs about ten cm and hold them stretched. Then start crossing them by passing one foot on top of the other and also intercalate them with a fast movement. The force must come continuously from the abdominal muscles and the lower back must be held close to the ground so as not to hurt itself.

Exercises to tone the lower rectus abdominis

Another alternative option for changing the exercise is to stand in exactly the same situation, nailing your waist to the floor and making imaginary circles in the air with your feet.

Raise both legs:

When lying on your back, both legs are lifted straight to a vertical position. They are held for a few seconds and then descend slowly without touching the ground. The repetitions can be a little hard but it is only a matter of the body begins to strengthen and get used.

Captain’s chair:

The captain’s chair is one of the most complete and efficient lower and upper abdominal exercises. Strength and endurance are fostered only by the anatomical weight of each athlete.

Exercise involves holding the chair tightly by holding the knees bent. Then bring them to the chest with a slow movement and pressure on the abdominals.

Exercises to tone the lower rectus abdominis

Knees hanging:

This exercise consists of holding on to a bar above your head and holding your arms straight. At the same time bend the knees and keep them hanging while the thighs are raised gently until they are in a situation similar to the captain’s chair and then continue to face the chest.

In addition to strengthening the abdominal area, this exercise also works the upper body. It is essential to hold the back straight and the knees bent when returning to the initial situation.

General recommendations:

One of the primary issues to consider when performing lower abdominal exercises is to avoid arching the back. The force must always be concentrated in the belly in order to avoid pain or injuries.

This exercise routine can sensibly assist in strengthening the lower abdominals but the importance of adequate nutrition and the need to burn calories to reduce the amount of fat piled up in the belly should not be overlooked.

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