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Fat burning circuit

Fat burning circuit
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Summer arrives and with it, the heat, we all want to look a good body for the summer and enjoy good health but many even preserve that layer of fat that hides our muscles.

Fat burning circuit

We want to train in the street, enjoy the sun and that’s why I’ve developed an aerobic circuit to burn these fats and enjoy outdoor exercise without requiring material resources, so we can do it anywhere, be it the beach, a park, a field … and logically, at home if you want.

The circuit is going to consist of strength exercises and aerobic exercises, which will burn fat and strengthen.

Depending on the level of each one of them we will make different rounds and we will vary the rest time between them.

Each one is put in a level, if it sees that it is surplus, raises the times to make the circuit or lowers the time of rest between rounds. If you go too much in certain exercises you can alter the repetitions or times. Each of them self-regulates, remember that absolutely no one knows himself as well as exactly the same.

When we finish the first round we rest the indicated time and we start again. Always and in all circumstances remember to warm up a little before and stretch at the end.

1-Skipping: we run in place with high knees along the indicated time.

2 – Heels to the buttock: in place heels to the buttock along the indicated time.

Fat burning circuit

3-Walk like a crab: we have to walk with our backs to the sky and with 4 supports throughout the time indicated.

4-Leg shrinks: It is about bringing the knees face our chest and then extend absolutely the legs.

5-Sentadillas: the traditional squatting down to approximately 90ยบ, make the slowest descent and the most explosive ascent.

6-Jumping Jacks: in the place we jump opening legs and arms in unison.

7-Burpee: we are standing, we lean on four legs, we extend the legs face after a jump and then lower the log making a triceps flexion, when we are already touching the whole body on the ground, we make triceps extension, to raise the log from the ground and make a strong jump with both legs in unison taking the knees to the chest and then stand up and make a jump face the sky with a clap. (slap motivates a lot, hehe)

8- Lateral plate: Lying on half side, we support the elbow and raise the hip without touching the ground, we support the situation by tightening the abdomen.

9- Flexions: we place our hands a little more open than the height of our shoulders and we make a complete flexion, until touching the chest on the floor.

Fat burning circuit

10. The frog: We lie face down supporting the hands and feet, it is a matter of propelling ourselves with the legs and with a jump to bring them face to face the chest.

11- Frontal plate: we put ourselves as in the photograph, we squeeze strongly the abdomen, the force is done with it, not with the legs or with the arms, concentrate on the abdominal and do not sink your ass, but not that it is a tent.

12- Running: running at a gentle pace for three minutes.

We do the twelve exercises in a row, rest the stipulated time depending on the level of each one of them and start again. Cheer up, boys and girls.

After reading this, all that’s left to do is get on with it, who’s in? Whoever signs up says how well he’s done. If you have any doubt, consult us without fear. Greetings to all and happy day.

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