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No one can deny that sport favours us in a lot of ways. It makes us feel better and more energetic, helps us focus and improves our health. In addition to this, thanks to it we generate endorphins, the hormones of bliss, which make us feel in a better mood. Hence, there are many reasons to do a little exercise, and today we are focusing on one important reason, that of doing sport to lose weight. Today you will be able to calculate how much physical exercise you need to lose weight, read on!

Many people want to lose weight, and if we look for information about it, we're sure to find thousands and thousands of different sources that give us ideas about what we can do. Sometimes too much information or advice on the subject can be confusing, so if you really want to lose weight, it's better to know more about how to calculate your daily activity level to lose weight. And it is that, to throw ourselves to do exercise without more or more, it can not give a good result.

Calculate the activity you need step by step

To begin, you must meditate on what you really want to achieve with the exercise. The ideal training routine for you will be different if you want to lose a few pounds, support your current weight or lose countless pounds by combining exercise with a healthy diet. In any case, focusing on one purpose will help you find the right activity.

Also, you must start from your weight and know your calorific deficit. This means that each person consumes a few calories and burns them in approximately time. So, using a virtual calorie calculator to find out is going to be the first step. Just fill in certain details, such as your gender, age and weight, and you will get how much time you need to practice each day. It will also be essential that you introduce what activity you do, while each and every one does not burn fat equally.

To make a quick calculation of your ideal physical activity, you can meditate on the tactics used by dietitians. They are based on an average that states that for every half kilogram we weigh, we should eat fourteen to seventeen calories for women, and between fifteen and eighteen for men.

It is recommended that you know that each person is different, and each of us needs a different level of physical activity to lose weight. Also, the activity you need can change from one moment to the next in your life. For this reason, we invite you to equip yourself, if you don't try to improve yourself every day.

The best weight loss exercises

Both diet and sport are essential for weight loss. Although it is true that you can lose weight in many ways, the only healthy way is to combine these 2 methods, and also, the one that protects you from the effects of rebounds. And it is that, to lead a healthy life is one of our best allies to have a better physical aspect.

If you're going to be a weight-loss sports fan, it's essential that you enjoy the activity you choose. If you have fun while burning calories you are much less likely to give up and throw in the towel. Also, remember that it's essential not to get overwhelmed, especially in the first few days, as you may want to give up the idea of continuing the exercise.

Aerobic exercise, such as walking, running or cycling, is ideal for weight loss. The choice will depend on the taste of each of them and also on the physical way we have. If we prefer something more lively, we can opt for a kind of zumba, body pump or spinning. Remember that you must be relentless with exercise, and practice it daily in order for it to work. However, it is essential that we keep 1 or 2 days per week of rest. In short, if you want to exercise to lose weight, make sure it's three to five days a week.

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