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Fruit and vegetables according to colour

Fruit and vegetables according to colour
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Many think that the tone of the fruit and vegetable is either a simple coincidence or a destination, while its color truly corresponds to the properties. Today we are going to see what peculiarities they have in function of their color.

Fruit and vegetables according to colour


Within this group we find tomatoes, pomegranates, watermelon, red peppers, cherries, strawberries, red grapes? Its main characteristic is the contribution of lycopene, very advantageous for the skin and strengthen the defenses. Its color is due to the beta-carotenes that it contains with great properties for our organism, like phytochemicals that increase our defenses. Finally, it is worth mentioning that they contain anthocyanins, an antioxidant that reduces cholesterol and participates in the oxidation of fats.


Spinach, lamb’s lettuce, broccoli, kiwi, peas, lettuce, artichoke, green pepper, grapes? Eating this kind of food helps to support the skin flexible and youthful thanks to the amounts of antioxidants they provide such as lutein, vitamin C, K, folic acid and potassium. Its green colour is given thanks to its richness in magnesium, the lack of which can lead to fatigue or muscle cramps.

Eating green vegetables throughout pregnancy is particularly important to reduce the risk of malformations in the embryo.

Fruit and vegetables according to colour


Pineapple, lemon, orange, carrot, grapefruit, banana, oranges, pumpkin, mandarin? all have high amounts of carotenes, an essential antioxidant for mucous membranes, eyesight and skin. On the other hand, the liposoluble vitamins A and C that they provide, contribute to the organism as a powerful antioxidant that helps to counteract the harmful effects of V rays and prevents viruses and germs from attacking us since they strengthen the immune system.

The primary characteristic of these fruits and vegetables is their richness in alpha-carotene, potassium, folic acid and xanthines a set of substances that positively influence sight.


Like cauliflower, endives, cucumber, apple, pear, cabbage, onion, garlic, leek, coconut? Each and every one of the white foodstuffs provides allicin, to which antibiotic and detoxifying effects are attributed, apart from being a hypoglycemic agent, it helps to suppress free radicals and prevents hypertension.

Fruit and vegetables according to colour

On the other hand they activate the production of white blood cells and assist in fighting infections. An onion-like bulb contains numerous properties such as providing quercetin that can assist in preventing colon cancer and prevent type two diabetes.

They are rich in sulfur, of exceptional purifying power, able to adapt the organism and to reduce toxic substances and heavy metals, besides that they assist to support the strong and efficient liver.


Eggplants, blueberries, figs, plums, grapes, beetroot, red cabbage? They provide anthocyanin, a substance that prevents aging. They also assist in reducing cardiovascular inconvenience by suppressing harmful substances and improving circulation. If they still look like you few benefits likewise they are advantageous for the memory and tract pisser.

To take full advantage of its properties it is convenient to combine them, in salads or fruit salads, but always and at all times eat a variety. If you eat fruits and vegetables of various colors every day you can prevent digestive disorders, degenerative diseases and fight against overweight among many other benefits.

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