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Functional training with beast sensor (i): knowing the sensor

Functional training with beast sensor (i): knowing the sensor
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Functional training with beast sensor (i): knowing the sensor

One fine day in the office, I heard from a glance that a product test was being administered with our beloved Guiafitness testers. It was a sensor-type product that gave you interesting data for your strength training.

So far the 2 terms that generated maximum curiosity, plus the curiosity of those who do not know or move in those fields. The curiosity of the beginner.

I, the eventual tester of only Running products, am not as familiar with strength training in the gym or with weights.

But because of an injury, and under the direction of my trainer and physiotherapist, I have been incorporating more seriously the training of functional strength and proprioception.

So I thought: as when I go out to run my GPS and fatigue partner tells me everything I want to know when I finish my training running, in my functional training sessions will I be able to get another genre of data with this sensor?

So I gave it some thought and volunteered myself for the Beast Sensor test.

Functional training with beast sensor (i): knowing the sensor

What is Beast Sensor?

A sensor weighing about thirty-five grams with a design and aesthetics very CrossFit scope. Charged via USB. Ideally, it should be charged once a week or every 15 days, depending on the training sessions. It would be enough for me to carry it once every couple of weeks, theoretically it has about eight hours of operation and I don’t usually do more than two strength training sessions per week.

We visualize the data through an APP by the fact that it does not have screens. My first doubt is if it would exist for IOS, and I did not have any inconvenience, we will find it in IOS and Android.

This time they give it to us with a textile bracelet. But a vest is also free to wear. Another alternative that seems quite practical to me is to place it on the bars or dumbbells, because it is magnetic. In my case there is no need for the fact that I usually use my anatomical weight, but good to know.

Here we can see an explanation of the first steps to follow with Beast Sensor:

What is the purpose of this sensor?

Here I had the first block and I recognize that I asked for help and also information from the Beast Sensor team. And I lie about the fact that it seems essential to me to review the team that exists behind a product and brand, its personality affirms you a lot about the product.

On this occasion the experience has been very positive, as I have had infinite help and feedback.

Functional training with beast sensor (i): knowing the sensor

I then decide to focus the test on a beginner profile that starts with strength training. Stressing that, although it is common to achieve positive results in the short term, there is a phase of insecurity that affects progression.

Perfect, since we’re going to try to deal with this inconvenience. The primary reason is the lack of activation of the muscle being worked on, apart from mobility drawbacks. We don’t use exactly the same old schemes: we have to administer different stimuli.

What Beast offers is exactly the data necessary to have the best awareness of the exercise carried out based on a very clear principle, which I believe is prescriptive, the VBT.

But I think I’ve already given you a lot of information to digest today. In the following article I will talk in detail about what VBT is and how I have carried it out with the help of Beast Sensor. Don’t miss it!

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