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Gainers – the best supplements to gain muscle mass

Gainers – the best supplements to gain muscle mass
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What’s a gainer?

Gainers were developed for people who want to gain muscle mass, especially for those who find it quite difficult to gain weight.

Gainers - the best supplements to gain muscle mass

To gain mass and volume, training must be accompanied by complete nutrition, i.e. enough calories. However, sometimes the daily hustle and bustle or harmful eating habits make it difficult to take in the amount of calories, vitamins and proteins needed for muscle development. Gainers facilitate this work thanks to their rich composition in everything necessary for your body to thrive.

What are gainers made of?

Gainers are accustomed to containing whey protein extracts in powder and especially carbohydrates, such as dextrose and maltodextrin. More advanced gainers also include creatine, L-arginine, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and plant extracts.

In addition, while frequent meal substitutes have a carbohydrate-protein ratio of 0.25-2/1, gainers are close to a ratio of three-5/1.

What do gainers do?

The function of gainers is to combat the loss of glycogen, muscle mass and anatomical fat deposits (which are used in glycogenesis) generated by the release of hormones such as cortisol during intense exercise. These hormones are released in response to anatomical stress and satisfy the body’s need for energy.

Basically, the benefits of taking a gainer are five:

1) It is a simple way of achieving the precise calorific requirements to achieve the desired anatomical mass.

2) Most gainers have properties that stimulate greater body definition.

3) There are multiple genres of gainers: some are more aimed at the post-training period, others can replace whole meals and others complement them.

Gainers - the best supplements to gain muscle mass

4) Each gainer has a different amount of calories, but as a general rule they are usually between four hundred and nine hundred per shake.

5) Gainers include glutamine, very useful for speeding up restoration and promoting a healthy immune system.

Gainers are to be consumed by bodybuilding athletes, both beginners and professionals, and march as supplements to increase mass and weight.

The best gainer is the one that helps you achieve your daily calorific goals.

You should look for the gainer that best suits your specific needs. In other words, if you need to fill your diet with more protein, look for a supplement with a higher protein index. If you need more calories, opt for a product with more complex carbohydrates and less protein.

It is essential to read the labels, since certain gainers have high amounts of sugar and sugar is not the best way to build muscle, but to increase fat mass. Gainers with better composition are obviously more expensive than their economic contenders, but the cost can serve a lot of grief.

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Gainers - the best supplements to gain muscle mass

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