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With the arrival of good weather, the desire to practice outdoor sports and enjoy the sun, fresh air and spring increases. If you're one of those people who has trouble putting on their shoes and starting to practice sports, maybe you should try paintball, and a good place to practice it is Paintball, the Spanish capital, where you can enjoy the advantages of the paint wars with whoever you like: friends, family, colleagues? All you need is a set of players and a desire to have fun.

The advantages of paintball as a sport

One of the great excuses for practicing sports is the boredom it entails for many people who are not used to it or do not find the right motivation. However, paintball is seen more as a recreational activity related to going to the movies than as a sport, and that is a huge plus. But without a doubt, the great advantage of paintball is that it is very de-stressing, which will help you free yourself and face the weeks before the summer holidays with your batteries to the maximum.

It is also another way to work as a team and progress collaboration, so many companies are committed to taking their employees to play paintball in team building activities for companies. With experiences like this, workers get to know each other better, they can create new synergies between themselves, they tighten their knots and when they return to the office the environment is much better and the productivity of the company is favoured. Even the elite football teams bet on paintball as a team building activity.

But in addition to this, paintball is a great option to spend a day with friends or family, to celebrate an anniversary or a bachelor party or, as in the case of Paintball the capital of Spain, to fill the day in a multi-adventure experience. In this way you break with the monotony of everyday life in unison that you exercise all over your body, from resistance to strength. You'll still improve your mood, as paintball helps to build self-esteem and self-confidence.

Gran Paintball the capital of Spain, the largest paintball game in Spain

The Gran Paintball, the capital of Spain, is a reference point in the field of this activity. It is enough to review the more than eighteen hundred reviews you have in Google, where you get a score of forty-nine out of five. Figures very similar to those obtained in TripAdvisor, where the score is forty-five out of five for one hundred and forty-three opinions; or in Fb, with forty-nine out of five and more than three hundred and twenty-five beliefs. This paintball includes nine stages spread over an area of one hundred and fifty square meters, and also includes equipment and weapons that you will not find in another paintball in Spain.

You can play in airplanes, helicopters, tanks, buses, boats, military cars, missiles, forests, forts or towers, and you will do it in an area of great scenic and ecological value. In truth, the land where we can enjoy paintball is protected by its great natural value, and once the game is over, the best conclusion is going to be an exquisite barbecue with prime meat that will help us regain energy.

A set of eight is enough to play paintball, although in Gran Paintball the Spanish capital has come to gather more than two hundred people playing in unison. In addition to this, children can also play, while there is a children's paintball game for children between eight and thirteen years old, which is absolutely safe, so that the youngest members of the house can also enjoy this intense and always and in all circumstances entertaining outdoor activity that last year was enjoyed by no less than thirteen thousand people.

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