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If you like to run and want to start with a new challenge to help you continue to thrive, you can try running through the mountains. When we run on these surfaces, not only do we go out to entertain ourselves by getting to know a good landscape, but we will also improve our physical condition a lot, as we encounter higher altitudes and face a new challenge of imbalances and slopes.

However, when running on steep, uphill terrain, we can't begin to do it uphill, but we need a little beginner's guide for the Trail Running. For this reason, even before you start running in the mountains, follow these tips.

Getting Started with Trail Running

If you want to start running in the mountains or, what is exactly the same thing, to practice Trail Running, pay attention to the following recommendations:

1. Wear the right footwear and material

In the first place, we must wear the right shoes, that is, not just any running shoe in the mountains. The trailers are what we need, because their sole has a better grip than the usual shoes.

As for clothes, wear comfortable clothes, which will help you to be mobile when running, just like if you are going to go mountain biking. Besides this, he wears warm clothes, something fundamental, because it is very simple that in the mountain there are sudden changes of time, as if it were an example that rains to the maximum by a cloud while the sun is completely down.

Most mountain runners carry a backpack, in which they wear their warm clothes. What they do is run first without warm clothes (unless the weather is bad from the beginning), and carry everything you need in your backpack, including warm clothes, a bottle of water and, as a rule, everything you need.

2. Start with a gentle training plan

Many people start with a big mountain, which has a lot of slopes, unbalances, too steep a terrain and even jumps. The worst thing is that many beginners will not be able to fill this hard path, so this is not convenient.

The best way to get started in Trail Running is to start smoothly, over mountains you know that are not too steep. Try to see if you like the ride, if you like the experience and when you've been running there for a while, switch to a somewhat more difficult place. And so on and so forth.

As for the distance, we should not run too many kilometers if we are starting out, either, since being such a new and different way of running, we will be forcing our body too much if we run too much just to start.

3. Control your running technique in the morning

You may be able to run really well on asphalt or in urban areas, even if you are running in the country. However, mountain running is completely different technically speaking. Being in quite difficult terrain and having gravity against it, you must know techniques to be able to have a better performance.

First, you must reduce the length of the stride a lot, because a very long stride can cause us to lose the inertia of movement and a lot of stability. Make shorter strides and you'll see how your mountain running technique improves a lot. Also, be careful where you step, because a bad step, in a hole or a crack, could cause serious injury.

In addition, we have to observe the situation of the arms, and normally, of the whole body. If we go up, the body is subtly tilted forward, using the arms as an aid for the legs in the case of very large slopes. As in many exercises, having a well worked abdominal will help a lot to achieve better results, because we will have greater stability and power in the middle area to run on this terrain.

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