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Get your best figure without sacrificing comfort

Get your best figure without sacrificing comfort
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If you’ve ever felt limited or annoyed at the time of exercise, it’s possible that your look was not the most appropriate for the type of exercise you were doing

. We know

Get your best figure without sacrificing comfort

that getting the best version of you is not something simple and that sacrifice and days of intensive training are regular in your life. So don’t let the clothes be that little inconvenience that makes you suffocate more than it already does in general. Choose the equipment that assists you in obtaining your silhouette, giving you greater comfort, flexibility and fit

, and

which garment meets all these requirements and is the favorite for the most part

… Especially

when we talk about lower body trainings, tights are that essential piece we all think about. Their apparent elasticity is one of the essential reasons why we choose them. But are each and every one equally recommendable? and the most essential thing, are all and each one useful for the same thing

? Nowadays

, the exercises of force together with Yoga and Pilates are the 3 most requested disciplines, but in general and given their opposite peculiarities, you would need a model of concrete meshes to obtain the maximum performance in all and each one of them.


owever, in feelforfit we believe it is superfluous to have to acquire exclusive garments, so we have set out to look for that which is perfect and also ideal as a whole, and with which you can do everything. The Nike Zoned Sculpt is our star discovery for this occasion, as


will give you the most functionality and usefulness in each and every training, no matter how different they may be,


with the purpose of chiselling your legs and supporting your primordial muscles, this garment will provoke in you a new way of feeling and carrying out your favourite activities

, how

it is achieved


At the top of the garment is a kind of flexible tape that is responsible for chiseling and holding at all times your belly subject and absolutely flat. It is a fabulous feeling to be able to do any kind of exercise without worrying about your excesses, especially those annoying “michelines” that appear in certain movements. So by locating you free but covered, your body and your psyche feel strong and united to be able to do in front of any training and perform it optimally

. going

Get your best figure without sacrificing comfort

a little further down, you find a series of lines of different colors and fabrics that form the primary drawings of the meshes. The so-called seamless compression zones are noticeable from the first to the last instant of your session, perfectly exercising their function and remodelling your silhouette both internally and externally. They squeeze and give you the ideal pressure in the areas that you most need to have controlled.

  • Your buttocks, the inner part of your thighs and stomach will be covered by this solid tissue, which has been developed with the brand’s most innovative technology; its Knit system, which will accept the function of exerting compression on these main areas. This fabric will give you that solidity point that you need if your legs are not yet defined, absolutely suppressing the sensation of flaccidity.

The technique of its linesWhen

you look at one part of the thighs, you real


that this series of lines are made of different fabrics

: The

darkest coloured lines are designed to give you as much breathability and ventilation as possible. All of these lines are strategically located at those points where sweating is most likely, such as the center of the quadriceps and the end of the inner thighs.


addition to this the back of the knees also has this technology Dri-fit, for us a detail, since this part is one of the but difficult in the subject of sweat


horizontal lines clearer, give the mobility and elasticity of the meshes unsurpassed. From the top to the ankles, this striped canvas makes it easy to fully move your lower joints wherever you want. It is precisely this small horizontal predisposition of the separations between lines that gives freedom to the garment.


choice of colour is always and in all circumstances one of the most entertaining parts, to meditate on what you can match it with, how it can fit into your favourite sneakers, but always and in all circumstances it is an instant of irresolution. In this compilation we think that they make it considerably simpler, not because they do not have a huge range of colors, but rather because you must choose between warm and bold colors or classic / simple, the one that best goes with you

. their

meshes of green shades and their choice fully colored, are ideal to provide color and lighting to your training.

On the

other hand, the dark options of different blues will give you that point of elegance and greater possibility of combination. What do you choose

? In

Get your best figure without sacrificing comfort

conclusion, thanks to the fact that their lines and the different fabrics have an impact and are perceived from the beginning, these tights become the only ones that offer you maximum comfort and comfort when you work with the natural movement of the body.

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