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Rihanna is one of the sensations of the moment. Named the best-selling digital artist of each and every time - thanks to her forty-seven hits and five million downloads - she is also an aspiring vocalist for the"Album of the Year" at the current Grammy Awards.

But it's not only the beauty of Barbados that dazzles you on stage, it's also the beauty of a bikini! He doesn't mind showing his body, but to achieve abs in this tense and defined way requires a lot of dedication.

This is where inspirational fitness specialist Ary Nuñez comes in; she has been training the artist for the past 4 years. We focus on the muscles of the torso, doing thousands and thousands of repetitions," says Nuñez.

Rihanna puts great dedication into her training and career. Working with an artist like Rihanna has different demands than most," says Nuñez. "We train anytime...even if we're on the road and it's two o'clock in the morning. I am free for her seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day.

Nuñez, who has worked with many celebrities and professional athletes (herself a kick-butt athlete sponsored by Nike), trains Rihanna mixing martial arts, dance and calisthenics.

"Rihanna is very connected to her body. He used to train because it was part of his responsibilities, but now he does it because he loves it," says Nuñez.

The talented trainer also works with the vocalist to make sure that she is nurtured in a way that is convenient for each and every activity she has to do. "She's a protein enthusiast - she's out of her mind!

When it comes to diet, Nuñez recommends putting together the right foods. You shouldn't mix carbohydrates with proteins because there is a specific enzyme for digesting carbohydrates and a different one for proteins, and the two don't get along," says Nuñez.

"Can you imagine two enzymes fighting in your stomach? One will win and stay. If it's the carbohydrates, they go off to turn into glucose - which is not good. If it's the proteins, they turn into fat - which is not good either.

A regular meal for the queen of the music scene? "Fish with salad or vegetables", Nuñez confesses.

Even though many of us may not be able to shine like her on stage, we can still show off her abs!

We were delighted when Nuñez published a table of Riri's abs (We fell in love!) and we saw how accurate it was to share it with everyone....

Here's what you'll need: a mat for the exercises, Rihanna's music and female strength!

Full-Range Crunches

Start with your back on the floor and your heels aligned with your shoulders. Raise your chest facing the ceiling to your knees, and in unison spread your arms face up over your head. RECALLS: Shoulders and hips should be aligned at all times. Completes thirty-two reiterations.

Abdominals with torso rotation

Stretch out facing up and leave your right foot on the side of your left knee. Your right arm is attached to your body and your left arm (with your hand on your head) is facing your right knee. Repeat the opposite movement and do thirty-two repetitions per side.


Start with the situation of the iron by supporting the forearms and feet on the floor. Keep your torso straight and stiff, and your body straight from your ears to your feet without twisting. Your head should be relaxed and facing the floor. Stand in this situation for thirty-two seconds and repeat it three times.

Active iron

Part of the situation of the plate and, raise your right hand off the ground and take it face to face. Repeat this movement (back and forth) as if you were hitting the ground. Consider yourself hitting something with your elbow. Completes thirty-two reiterations per side. Believe us, you're going to fatigue!

Roman Rotator

From the position of the iron with your feet parallel to your shoulders and your back flat, join your right arm with your right knee under your belly. Repeat this with your left hand thirty-two times until you can no longer sweat. The more minutes you're exercising, the better you're going to feel like yourself" and on top of that, with these five ways of ironing, you're going to get some amazing abs.

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