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Let's face it, we all know that whether you do a lot of sit-ups or sit-ups it's going to be really hard (if not impossible) to get that sculpted abdomen you're looking for. A six-pack is the result of a clean and balanced diet, low anatomical fat and hard training. While the abdominal-trend pasts are a good way to finish your training, very often the poor results they give go no further than an annoying pain in the neck.

At the site of this, we invite you to work your with active stabilizing movements. By involving movement and balance in more muscle sets, you can burn more calories and build a stable center, which is precisely what you need to be stronger in everything you do and build your six-pack.

Over the next few exercises you should extend your limbs as far as possible. A word of advice: train your body the way you want it to thrive and stretch a little more in each and every repetition.

1. Elevation of legs

Lie on the floor on your back and extend your arms to your sides (T-shaped), raise your legs facing the ceiling in a curved shape. You should hold them together tightly for a few seconds and lower them face down on the right side a couple of times and lift them up again.

Breathe in as you return to the center and try to hold your belly button parallel to the ground. Repeat exactly the same facial movements on the left side. Do fifteen to twenty repetitions per side.

2. T-shaped side table

Put your hand directly under your shoulder holding your body straight. Raise your arm to the top as high as possible, spreading your hand as if you wanted to touch the ceiling while lifting your hip off the floor. Stay in this situation for thirty-sixty seconds.

3. Lateral stretching table leg and arm

With exactly the same board situation, extend your upper arm while you extend your upper leg. Bring your limbs to their maximum extension while maintaining balance.

Once you have done so, breathe out deeply and flex your leg and upper arm facing the center of your body while you breathe out deeply. Do fifteen to twenty repetitions on each side.

4. Needle Threading Posture

Stay in the board situation and take your upper arm as high as possible again. Keep your hips in their position and try to get your upper arm under your body and reach the wall behind it. Go back to the initial situation and do fifteen to twenty repetitions on each side.

5. Dropping slowly

In the sideboard situation, raise your elbow and bring it to your head at a 45° angle. Your body should be supported with the other arm at a 90° angle.

Bend and bring your elbow face down trying to touch the hand that is resting on the floor. Go back to the initial situation and do fifteen to twenty repetitions per side.

6. Hip flexion alterations

One of our favorite exercises. For this exercise you will need a medium size fitball. You will have to support your legs to the ball (because of the height of the shin). Elevate the body face up by making a reverse V.

Keep your legs straight, raise your hips facing the roof while you breathe air. Hold for two to three seconds and return to the initial situation.

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