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Harmful exercises: movements with danger

Harmful exercises: movements with danger
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There are a series of exercises that generally tend to include in our training routines, rather than the opposite, are not advisable at all due to its high percentage of danger of injury. In addition to this, there are exercises with which you will work exactly the same muscles/fibres without injuring yourself, which are ideal to replace with those that can eventually give you a huge headache.

Harmful exercises: movements with danger

It is quite difficult to find a person who has not been injured at some time in their life in training. Injuries can result from poor technique, excessive workload, poor hydration, poor heating or particularly harmful exercise.

Today we are going to put aside the rest of the reasons and we are going to focus on those movements that are dangerous for our health. When we talk about harmful exercises, we do not want to say directly that with the performance of these ensure an injury, but the danger of suffering it is very high. You must take into account that the muscles week by week are worked constantly and that therefore, executing abnormal movements will only lead to one point: Injury!

When training you will have to do the exercises that most resemble a natural movement, this way you will avoid adding danger to your articular and muscular health. For this last reason, when I elaborate the routine for my pupils, I especially try to avoid the use of machines. It is true that there are these plots that achieve this natural movement, but in general this does not happen and therefore we tend to execute movements and postures inappropriate.

Harmful exercises: movements with danger

In this article, I am going to leave a list of the most harmful exercises that exist and certain better alternative options in order to make a suitable substitution easier for you:

Injurious Exercises

1 – Jalon trasnuca

It is a movement in which the situation of our shoulders is unnatural, the rotation concretely is too pronounced. So the alternative option to this exercise is as simple as moving it by pulling it to the chest, thus avoiding the overriding inconvenience.

2 – Military press trasnuca

Just like in the previous exercise and particularly in your lives, when you lift the weight in general you do it from behind. Meridianamente is incorrect or difficult, therefore the alternative option is to make the military Press where the bar passes in front of the head and this ends just above it. Another possible alteration would be with dumbbells.

Harmful exercises: movements with danger

3 – Inclined press with bar

Scapular retraction is quite difficult to execute and consequently our shoulders suffer a lot. In addition to this, if we incorporate the inclination of the benches where the exercise is performed, the slope may end up being too steep, so that in the end not only the shoulders suffer but the muscle fibers that you are going to work will be less.

4 – Rowing to the chin

One of the most absurd exercises and that more people do, is the rowing with final situation in the chin. It goes without saying how unnatural movement is and if you want to work the trapeze with this exercise you will not succeed. It’s much better if you grab some dumbbells and shrug your shoulders.

I don’t think I’m forgetting any exercise. Of course, then there are others that are not harmful, but we do them harmful for not executing the technique well. I’ll talk about it another time, if you want you can view the website where you have some more bugs.

I hope you liked it and it was helpful. Greetings!

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