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High intensity interval training (hiit): the best cardio for burning fat

High intensity interval training (hiit): the best cardio for burning fat
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Are you one of those who when you think of cardio imagines hours and hours of endless exercise on the elliptical? I have good news for you: there is a cardio procedure that apart from taking much less time, is considerably more effective for burning fats. Known by the initials HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), in the article you will learn each and every one of the basic knowledge to take your body to a new level of physical condition.

High intensity interval training (hiit): the best cardio for burning fat

What is HIIT training?

The HIIT consists of alternating high-intensity and low-intensity exercises. For example, run for thirty seconds and then walk for sixty seconds. High intensity interval training can be performed anaerobically (in the gym with weights, for example) or aerobically (with cardiovascular exercises).

Why is HIIT the best cardio for burning fats?

It used to be believed that the “stationary state” of the cardio was the best way to burn fat because, partially, the fat consumed by the body as energy is greater throughout low-intensity exercises than at higher intensities. The aerobic rhythm zone (the heart rate zone in which most fat is consumed) that appears in most cardio equipment is a myth and equals sixty-sixty-five percent of the maximum heart rate, without being unbeatable for burning fat. It is true that more fats are burned in relation to glycogen when you go out on a road, but what really matters is to burn total fat. At higher exercise intensities, the amount of fat burned is higher, although the glycogen ratio is lower. In addition to this, interval training allows you to perform high-intensity exercise over a considerably longer period than the “steady state,” thereby burning more fat.

As an ancillary bonus, there is an article-combustion effect known as EPOC (Excess-Blog post Exercice Oxygen Consumption): up to twenty-four hours after an HIIT training, your metabolism continues to consume fats, while with another kind of training there is no burning of fats next.

Other HIIT benefits

There are a number of important benefits in training at high intensity intervals, which apart from burning an endless number of grease include:

Increased aerobic capacity – The amount of oxygen your body can use (oxygen consumption) increases, so overall aerobic capacity increases faster than with low-intensity exercise.

High intensity interval training (hiit): the best cardio for burning fat

Increased Lactate Threshold – The ability to monitor lactic acid buildup in your muscles increases.

Improved insulin sensitivity – Muscles have a greater ability to absorb glucose, preventing it from going to fat stores.

Anabolic effect – Some studies prove that training at high intensity intervals combined with the consumption of a greater number of calories than those burned favours the creation of muscles. The opposite occurs with the “stationary state” cardio, which in the long term is catabolic.

Exercise table HIIT

If you’re a beginner, it’s only convenient to start HIIT in a cardio session of a maximum of twenty-thirty minutes between seventy-eighty and five percent of your maximum heart rate.

Simple but effective: sixty seconds to sprint, one hundred and twenty seconds on foot.

This routine can be done completely on a treadmill or off of it. The duration of the high intensity intervals is sixty seconds and the “rest” is one hundred and twenty. Therefore, the work/rest ratio is 60/120 or 1/2. It is best to perform five-ten cycles of intervals, depending on the type of cardio training to which you are accustomed or if you perform the HIIT after strength training. The best way to calculate the highest intensity that can be administered is from the work/rest ratio. Well-trained athletes can perform exercises in a 2/1 ratio, which would involve 120 seconds of high intensity work and 60 seconds of work. Quite difficult!

High intensity interval training (hiit): the best cardio for burning fat

Any kind of cardiovascular exercise can be used as interval training, but it is not convenient to do them more than twice a week, because the demands required in the metabolic system and joints are significant. For beginners, it is best to start with exercises on the elliptical, since it is less impactful. Swimming, jumping rope, cycling… all kinds of exercises can march as modalities of initiation.

Running is a small game equipped with HIIT: the most efficient way to burn fat in no time and take your body to a higher level of fitness.

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