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Hiit training for beginners: slimming routine

Hiit training for beginners: slimming routine
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The abundant Christmas meals put you those kilograms of extra pounds that it costs so much to lose throughout the year. Fortunately, you now have HIIT training guidelines for beginners. Thanks to this procedure, you will be able to burn the excess fat and strengthen your body in a few weeks.

Hiit training for beginners: slimming routine

HIIT training is an interval exercise genre that alternates periods of short intense anaerobic exercise with milder restoration cycles. It consists of a series of movements very appropriate for working resistance and strength. Burns countless amounts of fat.

The origins of the HIIT procedure

Although in recent months it has become a trend, the truth is that it is a mode of training that has been invented a few years ago.

There are patentizas that in one thousand eight hundred and fifty already existed masters in USA like Lawson, Robertson and Dean Cronwell that trained the body in sections of great speed and restoration.

But the first interval training procedure was not created until nineteen hundred and twelve. It was when Finnish school trainer Lauri Pihkala invented a methodology that covered five times distances of between one hundred and two hundred meters, with intense sacrifices and pauses of multiple minutes.

Hiit training for beginners: slimming routine

Since then, many specialists have emerged who have been specifying the HIIT training procedure and have developed it in a multitude of variations.

The Japanese Izumi Tabata is one of the current experts who has studied the procedure the most. He published an article in nineteen ninety-six “Effects of moderate-intensity endurance and high-intensity intermittent training on anaerobic capacity and VO(2max)”, which has been called more than six hundred times.

HIIT training routines for beginners

Based on the HIIT procedure, HIIT exercises for beginners consist of 4 circuits that must be repeated 3 times in a personalized way before moving on to the next one. It won’t take you more than eighteen minutes to fill in every single circuit.

You will discover, now, in detail, exactly what each of them consists of the HIIT home training circuits proposed in the article.

Hiit training for beginners: slimming routine

  • Circuit 1: You must start with 2 sets of thirty seconds of alternating strides and thirty of folded boards, respectively. The first exercises are really useful for working the leg area and quadriceps. The seconds, to strengthen the back. Then he rests for ten seconds and refills the circuit a couple more times.
  • Circuit 2: After the first series of exercises, you must do thirty seconds of push-ups in pica and thirty seconds of push-ups like mountain climbers. They’re great for working the abs. After these movements, take a short ten-second break. Then do them again a couple more times.
  • Circuit 3: The third series of HIIT exercises at home consists of thirty seconds of diamond flexions to work in depth triceps and thirty of burpees to work almost all parts of the body: femoral, twins, abdominals, buttocks, chest, shoulder and triceps. After these exercises, rest for ten seconds and repeat them a couple more times.
  • Circuit 4: The HIIT routine for beginners ends with thirty seconds of abdominal boards and thirty seconds of side boards. Lateral tables on both the left and right side. These movements are appropriate for holding a tablet of envy in the abdominals. After doing these exercises, you will have finished the hiit routine at home and you will be able to rest until the next day.

The HIIT training exercises for beginners that we have proposed in this article are a huge way to get into the planet of fitness and lose the extra kilograms you’ve piled up at Christmas.

Playing sports is a great way to stay in shape and take care of your health.

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