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How can you start fitness if you’ve never done it before?

How can you start fitness if you’ve never done it before?
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The beginnings always and in all circumstances are quite difficult and more so when it comes to something to progress your body. You may have many doubts about whether you are exercising well or if you are eating a proper diet to achieve what you have set out to achieve. But probably what worries you most is really how to begin to change your life and your psyche.

How can you start fitness if you've never done it before?

In this new article, we want to make it a little easier for you, specifying certain strategies that you can use to start working on your new exercise routines and thus begin to reactivate your days.

1 – Decide exactly what you want to focus on

It is very important the purpose you focus on, the more concrete it is the simpler it will be for you to start training. Having your goal in the psyche only leaves you with success. In case you are confused, you are going to have to make a resolution, it doesn’t have to be the best, just take one and by trying you will find the perfect motivation.

2 – Ask for help

At first absolutely no one knows, you must be clear about that. At some point we have all been beginners so do not be afraid or embarrassed to consult on the proper performance of an exercise, in general they will help you without blinking.

But you must know that each person will show you a different path, the execution of the exercises is not unique. Each person trains in a way, based on their experiences and their body. So don’t be frightened or overwhelmed if you ask more than one and their answers don’t match.

3 – Get the primordial idea, omit the details

Physical conditioning is one of the most discussed and current topics. It seems that each of them has a different way of doing things and everyone is persuaded that their way is the right one.

How can you start fitness if you've never done it before?

You will find yourself in situations in which you do not know how many repetitions you must make, some have told you six others twelve. In one program it tells you to rest for ninety seconds, but another tells you thirty. These are certain clear examples that can happen to you at the beginning, but what you should know is that it is right at the beginning where details don’t matter. You will have enough time to discover the technique, the rest periods of each exercise, the weight, the training schedules, etc?

Getting started is the only thing that should matter to you, getting a prime idea and contacting information is what will make you become knowledgeable in the long run.

4 – Go slow

Most of the time when we resolve to start a new exercise routine is because we are motivated to do so. It’s great to have the motivation, but as we mentioned before, it can be a double-edged sword.

For what reason? First of all, the fact that motivation oscillates means that it cannot be trusted. What you must achieve are good habits with that motivation.

And then motivation can lie, making you bite more than you can chew. When you start, you are going to have to start slow, remember the goal and achieve the habit, so essential in exercise. You won’t get off to an intense start!

How can you start fitness if you've never done it before?

Initially, do simple trainings, this will help you in the first three or four weeks, where your only objective will be to continue with the calendar and build the capacity to fill the training. Performance doesn’t matter.

5 – Don’t skip the trainings.

If you’re honest with yourself, your training would have to be like this:

  • Incessant training over a month or 2.
  • Schedule changes can’t make you change. Build a calendar or routine to fit your training.
  • Travelling, when you have vacations or free time, try to dedicate a few hours to your training.
  • And so on and so forth..;

The individual impact of each of the training sessions is very small, but the cumulative impact is enormous.

6 – Choose an exercise and start

  • Squats
  • Funds
  • Banking Press
  • Flexions
  • Dominated
  • Sprints

Remember just need to have a general idea, start slow and don’t miss the trainings. And now ?… you go for this reason!!!!!

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