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How dietary supplements can help you reach your goals

How dietary supplements can help you reach your goals
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The feeding has to be taken into account by any person as a general rule and singularly by the athletes. But not always and in all circumstances it is simple to give our body what it needs only with the usual nutrition, especially when we subject it to a remarkable care, as is the case of a training of moderate-high intensity.

How dietary supplements can help you reach your goals

And this is where dietary supplements can help. These are pure, concentrated forms of nutrients. They don’t replace meals. They serve to supplement them, helping us to satisfy the nutritional needs of our body.

In addition, they not only support nutrition, but also help us to progress the results of the physical effort made throughout the training and achieve better results.

The range of food supplements is extremely varied and depends on the different objectives of each athlete. They can be more general objectives, such as sustaining healthy life habits, or more specific, such as:

  • Slim and get rid of piled fats.
  • Gain weight in a balanced way.

Dietary supplements tailored to different objectives

With such a varied offer in the dietary supplement market, it is simple to find a solution tailored to each objective. The doubt comes at the moment of choosing the best option, but that’s what we’re here for.

Find out with us which supplements are best for the different objectives!

Slimming: removing fat and defining

In the weight loss phase, it is essential to reduce calorie intake, burn excess fat and calories and, at the same time, achieve a defined body to combat the flaccidity that can occur throughout this phase.

How dietary supplements can help you reach your goals

There is no prodigious procedure that can achieve this goal. The trick is balanced nutrition combined with a convenient exercise regimen.

However, there are different supplements that can help you achieve this goal more quickly. The most popular are:

  • L-Carnitine: as it converts excess fat into energy, it will give you more energy for more intense training, strengthening muscle definition!
  • CLA: without stimulants, is a supplement that increases the metabolic rate, which will let you continue burning calories even at rest. It is an acid that, like L-Carnitine, helps transform fat into energy. Helps to remove fat mass and lengthens the feeling of satiety (essential for those who are on a diet and must reduce calorie intake).
  • Thermogenic: they are also known as fat burners, and are responsible for increasing the anatomical temperature, which accelerates the metabolism, stimulating the burning of fat and calories.

Gain muscle mass

Gaining muscle mass and consequently increasing strength is a fairly common purpose.

Exercise, especially bodybuilding, will help you achieve this goal, especially if you use the help of the best supplements:

  • Proteins: perhaps the most talked about supplement on the planet of sport, especially in the gym. Our body is mostly made up of proteins. They are the primary component of muscles, and consequently, a protein supplement will help you:
    • Enhance muscle development (and consequently increase strength)
    • Maintain muscle mass (for example, in periods of diet)
    • Recovering from exercise and fixing muscle tissue (on the post-training blog)
    • Reduce muscle fatigue
  • BCAA’s: BCAA’s are 3 essential amino acids (which our body cannot synthesize and must be obtained through diet or supplements) and form the structure of proteins. They’re essential to:
    • Increase protein synthesis (ideal for muscle development)
    • Recover muscles and, consequently, increase muscle mass
    • Combat catabolism
  • Creatine: a substance responsible for restoring ATP (a molecule whose function is to administer explosive force to muscles), allowing the force to increase. In addition, it contributes to increase the volume of muscle cells, improves endurance, allowing more demanding training to support better results, and accelerates the muscle restoration phase, strengthening muscle gains.
  • ZMA: is considered a natural anabolic. It consists of 2 minerals, zinc and magnesium, and vitamin B6. But apart from its different benefits for training, it will contribute to prosper the quality of sleep, thus strengthening the restoration and muscle development, 2 phenomena that have room when the body is at rest. After a good night’s sleep, you’ll have more energy to face the challenges of the day after. It is also useful to assist in encouraging hormone production by influencing the production of testosterone, which has an anabolic function and also influences the development of muscle tissue.

Gain weight in a balanced way

For various reasons, such as a lack of hunger or an accelerated metabolism, there are people who have setbacks to gain weight. However, not by appreciating fattening will we eat as much as we desire. Healthy weight gain is essential.

How dietary supplements can help you reach your goals

The best products to gain mass are the gainers or winners: they will assist you in gaining more weight by gaining muscle mass, for the fact that the purpose is not to gain weight through the accumulation of fat in the body.

Since to gain weight it is necessary to increase the intake of calories, gainers facilitate this process, especially for those who have problems to eat a lot.

For example, shakes are rich in carbohydrates (an essential source of energy) and have a percentage of proteins that will be of paramount importance in assisting you to gain mass through muscle gain.

In addition to that, a good gainer will have other ingredients such as vitamins and minerals to increase energy and sustain healthy immune system, and amino acids or creatine, to strengthen muscle development and restoration.

To efficiently achieve any of these goals, supplementation should be part of a balanced diet and combine an exercise regimen tailored to each person’s needs.

And, above all, don’t forget to ask health and sports professionals to assist you throughout the process.

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