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There are 2 secrets to get some shoulders like the actor Vin Diesel. First of all, you have to go slowly and not hurt yourself. Next, make sure you are developing the deltoids uniformly, working with exactly the same enthusiasm on the previous, middle and next deltoids. Here's a routine that will help you correct any imbalances and look strong on your shoulders in just eight weeks.

How does it work?

The shoulder joints are very mobile and this makes them more susceptible to injury than other parts of the body, especially when working with heavy weights. Warming up will be a vital part of training to reduce the danger of injury or stress. This is why shoulder training includes warm-up. It's true, these warm-up exercises may tire you out and limit the weight you're able to lift, but you'll adjust easily.

This training will focus on the previous deltoids, as it is a part that athletes are used to forget and their lack of development can give rise to an imbalance and a disparate appearance. Prioritizing the deltoids and pumping the shoulders with many reiterations will make you achieve shoulders like those of Vin Gasoil.


The routine lasts eight weeks. You will only be able to do the routine one day a week, so you will have to fill your other training on separate days. We recommend leaving a day's margin between shoulder training and chest training. Always and in all circumstances before doing the routine, do a warm up.

1. Rotation of shoulders with elastic band

Hold a flexible band in front of your body with your shoulders facing outward and your arms apart. Raise the band above your head and carry your arms behind your body (keeping them straight). Reiterate these movements to make the relevant reiterations.

2. Dumbbell around the head

Hold a dumbbell with both hands and turn the head with it, turning the weight around (front, back and sides).

3. Dumbbells with Y-T-W-I movements

Set the bench at a forty-five degree angle and stretch upside down with a dumbbell on each and every hand. With your thumbs you should aim your face at the ceiling and raise your arms in a Y-shape. Lower the arms and lift them up in a T-shape. Lower the arms again and open the sides of the arms with your elbows slightly bent to make a W-shape.

4. Spider crawl (Spider tracking)

Wrap your wrists in a loop band and place your hands against the wall with your arms straight. Move your arms holding the tension on the belt and walk along the wall face up and face down. It is essential that the belt is always and in all circumstances tensioned so that you can feel the tension and appreciate that you are working your shoulders. Every trip up and down the wall is a reiteration.

5. Opening of arms with elastic band

Hold a flexible band in front of your shoulders with your arms outstretched. Tighten the shoulder blades and move the arms outwards.

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