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How many days do you have to train a week?

How many days do you have to train a week?
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Do you think you train too much, or do you think you don’t exercise enough? One of the most frequent doubts that arise when we exercise is the number of days we have to train, either at home, outdoors or in the gym. If you’ve just started going to the gym or want to exercise on your own with a home workout each week, it’s the instant you know how many days a week you need to train to achieve your goals. Keep reading!

How many days do you have to train a week?

Decide how many days to train according to your goals

Burn fat, lose weight, strengthen, gain muscle mass… It is essential to decide the number of training days depending on each individual’s physical needs and desired goals. But, is there a minimum amount recommended to be defended by professionals and specialists in the field of fitness? That’s the way it is. In fact, the WHO (WHO) recommends a minimum of 3 days per week of exercise. Now, at the time of delimiting your weekly training, this amount can change according to different factors, such as the age of the person, their physical condition or the possible nosologies that present.

How many days do you have to train a week?

Starting from this minimum of 3 days per week, the number of days of training can be subtly changed depending on the objective being pursued, as indicated below:

  • If your goal is to lose weight, you can maintain the amount of 3 days per week of training, always and at all times under the supervision of a specialist and following a healthy and balanced diet that complements the sessions in the gym.
  • If you want to gain muscle and you have previous experience in the work of bodybuilding, you can train up to 4 days per week. You should always and in all circumstances take into consideration the intensity with which you carry out each training and the muscular groups that you wish to work day by day.
  • If you want to overcome a mark or prepare for a race (5k, 15k, marathon, etc.), you will have to continue a training related to hypertrophy, that is, to train 4 days a week, always keeping in mind at all times your age and physical condition.

The ideal way to decide how many days to train per week is to be recommended by a personal trainer and undergo a pretraining medical check-up that assists you in assessing your physical condition and the type of training needed to achieve your goals. Also, apart from knowing how many days you should train per week, it is also not enough to know the days of rest that your muscles deserve. Thus, you will be able to give them the relaxation and rest they need to resume physical exercise for the following week.

How many days do you have to train a week?

What happens if I train every day of the week?

Although training 3 days a week at home or in the gym is the best way to keep fit, can you train every day, from Monday to Sunday? This resolution is on the feet on the ground. Your muscles and your psyche deserve to rest. So, except in the case of elite athletes – who train up to six days in the same week – it is advisable to devote 2 or 3 days a week to rest and muscle restoration.

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