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How many protein shakes can you have?

How many protein shakes can you have?
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How many protein shakes can you have?

Today, protein shakes have become one of the most efficient and versatile food supplements for people who practice sport or long daily exercise sessions, thus for professional athletes.

In the first place, and before starting to take nutritional supplements based on proteins such as protein shakes, it is necessary to know in depth what these nutrients are, and how their intake translates into our body.

The word protein refers to each and every one of those molecules whose composition process involves 4 different chemical elements: carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen. However, in both human and unicellular bacteria, proteins are formed, in addition to this, after the chaining of different genera of amino acids.

It is advisable to emphasize that proteins have a definitive role in many of the processes that take place in the body, such as: they play a catalytic role in chemical reactions; they assist in the transport of blood; they directly intervene in antibodies; they are responsible for the shortening of muscles throughout their contraction process; and they are also receptors of cells.

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How many protein shakes can you have?

The protein shakes are used, eminently, by people who seek to increase their muscle mass through training, while proteins are an essential nutrient for the construction and regeneration of muscle mass.

The composition of these shakes is usually based on isolated proteins which, in most cases, usually come from whey, although they are also made from soy whey or egg.

In addition to the traditional shakes made with separated protein, protein shakes enriched with carbohydrates can also be found on the market. In such a case, this kind of supplement is more advisable to take after training, while carbohydrates also contribute to the proper restoration of the body.

The rule of thirty grams of protein

Many dietitians and specialists in sports nutrition agree that the maximum amount of protein a person should eat in each and every meal should be a maximum of thirty grams.

The explanation for this lies in the fact that the human body can only absorb about ten grams of protein per hour. However, people who exercise a lot every day may absorb more protein in one serving.

How many protein shakes can you have?

In the case of protein shakes, it must be said that they are not indispensable supplements for people who do sport or train daily. However, they are a fantastic alternative for all those who practice sport often, and who wish to gain muscle mass through training.

The approximate time it takes the body to assimilate a protein shake fluctuates around thirty minutes. For this reason, it’s a good idea to take it for a while before training, to make sure we offer our muscles the amount of protein they need to recover properly from the training.

However, it is also essential to point out that protein shakes should not be the only alternative option to offer our body the proteins it needs on a daily basis, since, apart from this kind of supplements, we must have a balanced nutrition that complements the protein needs of our body.

In this sense, foodstuffs such as red or white meat, eggs, dairy products, legumes, soya or rice are, in essence, very rich in proteins which must also be present in our daily diet, and especially in the diet of each and every athlete.

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