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Spinning is a very complete exercise; I'm sure you already know that. But perhaps you still have doubts about whether it is possible to lose weight quickly by doing this aerobic activity. The answer is yes.

In fact, spinning is an exercise recommended to promote fast weight loss and in unison, strengthen the muscles of the body. But how does he do it?... let's see:

Spinning - How does it work?

Spinning is not only the aerobic activity that consumes the most calories. The practice of this exercise, gets to burn localized fat, especially in the abdomen, which is one of the places in the body where we are more likely to accumulate lipids that, over time, coagulate and are virtually impossible to suppress using natural means.

The consumption of calories throughout the practice of spinning is considerably higher than that achieved in other sports. Tests conducted by professionals in expert metabolism laboratories at Stanford University conclude that a woman can consume up to five hundred and seventy calories, and men up to eight hundred and seventy over an hour of spinning, under certain conditions.

But, what are those conditions that allow you to get the best performance throughout the practice of spinning.... this is what you will learn in our entry today.

How to burn more fat?

Spinning is not only good for burning fat and calories. It also strengthens and hardens the muscles of the legs, buttocks and abdomen. More attention than just getting on the exercise bike and pedalling?

To achieve these fantastic results it is essential to take the following recommendations into consideration:

  • Use the frequency meter

Spinning is a demanding exercise, which raises your heart rate during physical exercise. This is one of the reasons why this discipline manages to burn bleachers. However? and this may be your case? some women do not achieve the objectives set, because they pedal at a very low frequency, trying to hold themselves in a"safe area".

The frequency meter is used to monitor the heart rate throughout the spinning practice. Thanks to it, you will be able to sue yourself to a limit that does not compromise your health and integrity, but achieving the appropriate training area for fat and calorie burning.

  • Wear the right sneakers

The spinning bike has a support on its pedals to maintain the athlete's foot. Wearing a unique shoe - like a professional runner's shoe - can greatly improve performance throughout the exercise.

The professional shoes designed for cycling have a hard sole, which ensures the effective transfer of the force from the leg to the pedal, without wasting energy.

If you use another kind of shoe, which may have been designed with style and aesthetics in mind, even before sports performance, you probably overdo your foot arch, causing discomfort, and after a while, inflammation and chronic injury.

  • Respect the class schedule

The instructors usually schedule climbing sessions, other downhill sessions and, naturally, those that simulate flat terrain routes. Each of these classes requires different positions on the bike, and more or less energy consumption.

If you are one of those who avoid the kind of climbing, and only attend flat terrain or descent, you will not get to burn fat and calories, at the levels you need to lose weight and strengthen your body.

  • The comfort of the chair

The saddle, or"saddle" as it is often called, on a stationary bike or a traditional bicycle, when used over long periods of time, can cause discomfort, pain and even boils.

This reduces the intensity of the exercise and becomes an obstacle to achieving the goals. Using a padded fabric fabric, foam or shorts with unique protection will allow you to pedal longer, more comfortably and avoid the stress of discomfort and pain.

  • Moisturize the body

A bottle of water or an isotonic drink will help you achieve good performance and avoid dehydration. An isotonic drink contains minerals and also carbohydrates, which help to restore energy and avoid fatigue. Don't forget that any kind of drink, other than water, will provide you with more or less calories. So, as far as possible, try to use pure water.

  • Keep a towel close by

It will always be useful to hold a hand towel in front of the bike. Women are used to sweating a lot. Safe spinning requires that your hands be dry or else they may slip on the handlebars throughout the class.

How much time should you spend on it?

If you have a personal trainer, he or she is the right person to schedule the frequency and intensity of your training. If not, and if your main goal is to lose weight, I invite you to start with twenty to thirty minute sessions a day, 4 times a week.

From the third week, you can increase to 1 hour a day, five times a week. To get the most out of your results, in the first week you can exercise at a pace that makes you feel more comfortable. In the second week, you can increase, increasing the complexity ? climbing simulation? and the frequency.

Do interval training. Start pedaling slowly, then make it considerably faster over a period of time, and then slow again. Interleaving periods of high demand with periods of calm and quiet helps to burn considerably more calories.

Safety above all

Some people - very few - consider that spinning can cause injuries to the foot, knee or even thighs. This is not the way it is. It is enough to accept a suitable situation on the bike before starting the training and to check the next safety conditions:

  • Height of the seat: Before you get on, stand at the side of the bike and check that the seat is at the height of the hip bone. When you get on your bike, your knee should be subtly bent when the pedal is down.
  • Distance between the seat and the handlebars: It must be exactly the same as your forearm, from the elbow to the closed hand. To check, when you sit down, your knee should not exceed the toe line.
  • Handlebar height: The handlebars must be above the height of the wheelchair. This will ensure comfortable pedalling.
  • Shoe adjustment: Don't forget to secure the shoes to the pedal. If the bike has any kind of tape to secure them, please check that they are tightly fastened.

It doesn't matter if your goal is to lose weight or just to exercise and keep your body toned. Spinning guarantees a significant improvement in your metabolism, but it is imperative that you adopt a diet that is convenient and congruent with the goal you want to achieve.

Add and prioritize natural and nutritious foods in your meals. In this way, the body will be supported in perfect conditions for the practice of an exercise as demanding as spinning.

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