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Although they are very common in workplaces, schools and public buildings, lockers are indispensable in centres such as gyms, beauty centres or swimming pools. So if you have a sports centre, how do you choose the best kind of locker for your changing rooms, which one is the best for your gym or sports complex?

The answers to these questions are linked to your employment. For example, a great idea is that gym lockers should have a bar to hang clothes such as coats and jackets and there should be enough room to leave change shoes and a backpack.

Here's how to select the best box office for your wardrobe, examining a number of factors to consider when making your decision:

Doors of a locker

The doors of the box office are one of the most definitive elements when it comes to selecting the way in which to equip a sports wardrobe. This furniture is made up of a column that has one or more doors that are distributed vertically. The most common types of lockers are:

  • One-door lockers: the entire height of the locker is used, making them ideal for storing hanging garments of a certain length, such as tracksuit trousers. They usually have a top bracket for storing smaller items such as sports bracelets or dumbbell gloves. They are also the most common in workplaces where employees must keep uniforms and change of clothes.
  • 2 door lockers: very frequent lockers in gymnasiums, as they save a little space and in unison have a large enough division to hang clothes and store the backpack and two sneakers.
  • Multiple-door lockers: 4-door lockers are usually the most frequent distribution of this type of lockers, which have a smaller space per compartment. They are widely used in leisure centres, museums, education centres and also in gyms.


  • Plastic lockers: plastic lockers are not very common and are indicated in very humid environments or outdoors, such as garages or gardens.
  • Phenolic lockers: they are made of a solid board of phenolic resins and are also ideal for damp environments.
  • Metallic lockers: this kind of lockers stand out for their solidity and are common slogans in workplaces as well as in gyms and lockers areas. Companies such as Ractem, the European leader in shelving, have a wide range of metal lockers for changing rooms in their product catalogue, which are made up of a resistant sheet of prophylactic steel and finished in epoxy paint.

Space optimization

Linking multiple lockers is essential to make the most of the space. It is essential to make sure that the wardrobe lockers chosen offer this alternative, such as being able to choose features such as width and depth to optimise space even further.

Locking system

The lock is another of the key resolutions when choosing the lockers for a wardrobe. In gymnasiums, the locking systems are usually with a key, a knob and a padlock, an electronic combination lock and a card or bracelet.

In other places, such as public spaces and supermarkets, other types of locks are common, such as purses with returnable coins or deposit boxes.


Providing a ventilation system for the ticket offices is essential, especially in environments such as sports centres and gyms. One of the easiest and most frequent systems is the grilles in the doors and the eyelets in the ceiling.

No assembly

A final tip is to buy lockers that are already assembled to avoid difficulties. Fortunately, most of these slogans are welded and assembled, so your installation will be as easy as your choice.

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