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How to choose the perfect workout routine for you

How to choose the perfect workout routine for you
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Especially if you’re starting out in the gym, it’s essential to determine the best training routine for you, keeping in mind 3 key aspects: your preferences, your goals and your starting physical condition. Discover the basics that can assist you in establishing your ideal training plan.

How to choose the perfect workout routine for you

Whether you’re a beginner or you’ve given up sports for a while and resumed it, it’s essential to establish a convenient routine that suits your characteristics and meets your needs. We assist you in choosing the right training routine, now.

Which training routine is right for you?

Before you start, be clear about what you want to achieve with training: lose weight, gain volume, delimit muscles, gain endurance? and be realistic when recognizing your current level of training. Atinar with the right routine for you is essential to not throw in the towel in the first days and also to advance in each of the sessions avoiding any danger of injury.

How to choose the perfect workout routine for you

Whatever your objective, you will always and at all times have to start with a tuning routine of at least one month, which will help your body to adapt progressively to exercise. This period will help you not only to adjust your muscles and joints, but also to know your training level and set your goals. After this first phase, you will be prepared to choose that routine with which to get the best results. Knowing certain possibilities will help you in your choice:

Aerobic routines

They can not miss in that initial setup and you must insist on them if what you need is to lose kilograms and remove fat piles. The practice of sports such as running, swimming or cycling are ideal options to be part of this routine. Alternate them with gym training days that include minutes on the elliptical and treadmill, as well as basic exercises such as the combined jumps to the sag. Like any other routine, this routine must increase its intensity progressively, so that you control, at all times, your heart rate so that, little by little, you gain endurance.

Strength routines

Having the most effective routine when it comes to achieving a firm, well-developed musculature with maximum definition is the general goal of training in the gym. Choosing between routines that affect the definition or the increase in volume is one of the first resolutions that you will have to take.

How to choose the perfect workout routine for you

  • Volume routine. Keep in mind that unless they are overweight or over twenty percent anatomical fat, it is always and in all circumstances preferable to start with volume routines so that your muscles increase before you focus on working on their perfect definition. This routine requires a high-calorie diet. Keep this in mind when choosing your best training routine, because if you need to lose a few kilograms first, it is not the most convenient in your case. If you are at your weight and you choose this alternative, start with routines that work the large muscle groups together and then focus on those specific exercises that assist in developing specific muscles.
  • Definition routine. If you are fortunate enough to have a great musculature, you have a convenient Muscular Mass Index and in addition to this you are in your weight, you can go directly to a defining routine that will be accompanied, in such a case, by a balanced diet (calories eaten the same or slightly less than those spent). This diet will help uncover those muscles in which you want to gain power and tone. Aerobic exercises, combined with strength exercises, are the key to the efficiency of this genre of routines.

As you can see, choosing the ideal training routine depends on factors that you should examine before determining your own. Atinar is basic so that you can train efficiently and increase the pace and intensity as your body adjusts to physical exercise and you approach your goals.

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