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The comfort that modern life offers us makes it easier and more sedentary to avoid sedentary life. There is no doubt that the best way is with physical activity, but that is not so easy. A question arises: to avoid sedentary lifestyles, do we need to play a sport? Not necessarily.

Although practicing a sports discipline is the best way to combat sedentary lifestyles, it is not the only way to achieve it. In our entry today, we will define sedentary lifestyles as a term that affects modern society, but we will also share some recommendations on how to avoid them, outlining the most convenient and simple activities to avoid sedentary lifestyles.

What is sedentary lifestyles?

Sedentary lifestyles are defined as the lack or reduction of physical activity. It is essential that you keep in mind that the term is not necessarily associated with a lack of sporting activity.

According to WHO, when we do not meet a goal of thirty minutes of physical activity a day, we lead a sedentary life. The alarming thing about this subject is that a little more than sixty percent of the world's population is in this sedentary range, which produces a group of people with high exposure to cardiovascular diseases.

Consequences of sedentary life

We often think that a sedentary lifestyle is the cause of obesity. While this is usually the way it is, and it seems logical that this is the way it is, the truth is that not every single person who leads a sedentary life suffers from obesity.

The sedentary life causes the disuse of functional systems. The locomotor system and the rest of the organs and systems generally enter a process of regression that leads to atrophy.

In the first instance, this is evident in muscles and bones, which lose flexibility and joint mobility. But functional involvement can affect each and every organ of the body, including naturally the circulatory system.

High blood pressure, diabetes, anxiety, increased cholesterol, heart attack and, of course, obesity are certain diseases associated with a sedentary lifestyle.

Recommendations to avoid it

If you want to avoid the dangers of a sedentary life, thirty minutes a day is the minimum recommended time, either continuously or alternately. But, you're going to be wondering, how can you avoid sedentary lifestyles if you don't practice any sport?

Before proceeding with recommendations to avoid sedentary lifestyles, I recommend that you do not reject the possibility of beginning to practice any sport. Sport has many benefits for your physical and mental health. It allows you to socialize and establish better relationships with your family, peers, neighbors, etc.

But the truth is, if you've been sedentary for a while, it's not appropriate for you to go out and run the half-marathon overnight. It is necessary to continue a progressive process that leads you to, in a first stage, meet the minimum goal: thirty minutes of physical activity a day.

Whenever we think about how to avoid sedentarism, it comes to our psyche to immediately go for a walk. This is obviously a huge recommendation. However, the demands of modern life do not leave it to everyone.

If this is the case for you, take a look at the next few tips for avoiding sedentary lifestyles:

Tips & Advice

  1. If you are at home or at work, you should use an elevator, consider using the stairs. The time you spend will not be significantly longer and you will be piling up minutes of physical activity.
  2. If you drive to work, find a parking space multiple blocks from your office. This way you'll be forced to take an expensive stroll around your work site, and then back to get your vehicle.
  3. Really take the active breaks during work: set an alarm every hour. Get out of your chair and take a walk through the office or the construction site. If the road involves going up and down stairs, so much the better. 4 or 5 breaks throughout the day will give you the minimum 30 minutes you need.
  4. I don't know if you've felt that when you receive a call on your mobile phone, you're still sitting in your chair, but you really stop generating. It's the ideal time to take a walk around the office while you answer the phone.
  5. If you are used to drinking coffee, water or another drink during the day, use a small glass. This will force you to get up considerably more times to fill it up.
  6. If you do need to communicate something to a colleague in the exact same office or building, instead of sending a WhatsApp message or an email, go see him or her in person.
  7. At home, there are always and in every circumstance tasks that everyone shuns. Washing dishes in the kitchen, taking out the garbage, taking out the dog for a walk, securing doors and windows at night? these are tasks that will help you in your purpose and you will look good with your family.

All this is really good for"removing rust" from the machine. But you can't be satisfied with that. In a second stage, it's okay to start practicing certain exercises to avoid sedentary lifestyles. It's not about joining a gym or joining a sports team. These are just some easy exercises to avoid sedentary lifestyles and to further improve the performance of your systems. Let's see:

Exercises for an active life

If you decide to avoid sedentarism by exercising at home, it is best to choose certain basic exercises that do not require further training.

The sit-ups and abs, in a series of five interspersed in half an hour daily, will give tone, strength and elasticity to each and every muscle in your body.

But if you want to go there a bit more, jumping rope is a simple, enjoyable and very effective exercise. A piece of rope, which does not cost much, does not take up much space and can be carried anywhere, will allow you to perform a high impact exercise that will bring benefits for your whole body, more especially for your cardiovascular health.

The human body has been developed to be in motion. There are many activities to avoid sedentary lifestyles that you can practice on a daily basis. Some involve continuing exercise routines, while others only require changing daily living habits.

Are you a sedentary person and how about starting now to change your habits and routines every day? Follow our suggestions for avoiding sedentary lifestyles and if you find this article interesting, leave a comment.

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