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Want to know how you can combine Running with Crossfit? If you're passionate about these 2 training modes, it's time to learn how to alternate them to plan your weekly training and achieve your goals. The crossFit is an unusual way to thrive endurance training by increasing strength, flexibility and speed, while running improves lung capacity, strengthens leg and abdominal muscles and helps you burn fat and lose those extra pounds.

If you want to alternate your running training with a few crossfit sessions, don't hesitate to read on. We'll tell you all the advantages of crossfit for runners and how you can plan your training sessions to practice both disciplines.

How crossfit helps running

Definitely, cross training makes running more fun, creating plurality and gaining speed. Accustomed to endless ninety minute race training, the fact that you can train in twenty minutes may sound like you're from another planet. But the truth is, the CrossFit takes you out of your comfort zone from the first minute. It's a training where you feel uncomfortable, and it helps you thrive in your career performance.

Other benefits of crossfit for runners include the following:

  • Helps you learn to run with tired legs, imitating the end of a race
  • It's a huge procedure to increase mental toughness.
  • Improves basic movement patterns
  • Creates a more rounded force for better posture and running style
  • Increase resistance through high intensity movements
  • The trainings are short, so you can adjust them more easily to your daily life, even if you have a very busy day.

Plus, by doing one race training and one CrossFit training on exactly the same day, you can be allowed one day off, making the next training considerably more restful.

How to toggle Crossfit and Running

If you schedule Crossfit and career training, your body may respond as if it were under more continuous stress. Rest days are also part of the training. Both CrossFit and running can be very hard on your body, so don't feel bad if you can't do it every single day.

It's normal. In order for a training to be successful, athletes must have one week of unloading and the supervision of a personal trainer, at least during the first month of training. And in order for both Crossfit and running training to go smoothly, what you need to do is to know your restrictions and accommodate your training sessions to your physical abilities. Don't neglect your diet either, and consult your dietitian about the type of nutrition you should follow to combine these modalities.

If you do not take care of your nutrition, you will run the risk of dizziness and lightheadedness due to lack of energy in our body. Especially when it comes to combining two sports and exercises as amazing as CrossFit, you need to have all the resources you can muster.

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