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How to define abs: 6 tips and exercises

How to define abs: 6 tips and exercises
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Is doing hundreds and hundreds of sit-ups every day the solution to removing localized fat in that area? NO.

There are no secrets or miracles that promise a resounding success to achieve the perfect abs, but there are aspects that we must fulfill in order to achieve the purpose with the right time. Now you have a series of tips and exercises that will take you to look the much desired”six pack”. If you have a few pounds left over it can be one of the parts of your body that you would like to prosper, but don’t forget that apart from a great physical”complement”, having good abs improves posture, the balance of your body, prevents or reduces pain and in short improves the functionality of the middle zone.

Tip 1 and essential. Reduce your anatomical fat. Removing the fatty tissue that covers the abdomen is essential to see the well-known”squares” or simply a flat, hard and toned abdomen. The fat is not lost in a localized way, you will descend progressively from your whole body, until the abdominal muscles are also visible and the only magic antidote to this is a good DIET prepared by a professional.

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Carbohydrates are not bad, nor do they make you fat if you take the amount your body needs. Protein is essential and fats should be held in strings, but all the more so as the macronutrients in your diet require.

Tip two. An application that tells you which abs to do is not a panacea for achieving them. They can help you to strengthen the rectus abdominis, the obliques, the transverse or other area, but if you do not remove the excess fat piled up you will not achieve definition in the area.

Tip three. Quality rather than quantity. Spending half an hour daily doing dozens of different abdominal exercises with thousands and thousands of repetitions is superfluous. Everything is easier than it looks, the abdominals are like any other muscle, get in them muscle fatigue and let them recover. If you train them with the right intensity I assure you that you won’t be able to do them the next day, if you can, you haven’t done it as you should have done it.

Tip four. Plurality. Work each and every one of the areas of your abdomen to a greater or lesser extent as your body needs, do exercises for the rectum, for the obliques, for the transverse? and change them from time to time. In addition to this includes a good routine in room + cardiovascular exercise that will strengthen and will make you lose fat to your body generally.

Tip five. Don’t forget your lower back, because of a lack of muscle tone, poor exercise technique or decompensation, you may feel pain in that area. Correct your movements, do the exercises with a proper technique and don’t forget to include lumbar exercises in your workouts.

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Tip six. Forget about your friends’ diets and workouts. Don’t create ads or marketing promises by many well-known characters who appear in them. There is no such thing as prodigious creams and appliances that achieve a perfect”six pack” without leaving the chair.

If you are really determined to get a good tablet, here are some examples of exercises that will help you get it, but remember, THERE ARE NO SHORTS, just perseverance and discipline in the kitchen.

Exercise 1. Essentially works major rectus abdominis

Exercise two. Activating and strengthening the transverse

Exercise three. Assisted by a wheel or bar with discs, we work the whole abdomen

Exercise four. Isometric work for obliques

Exercise five. High intensity for all straight ahead, stabilizers, etc.

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