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How to eliminate body fat and maintain muscle mass?

How to eliminate body fat and maintain muscle mass?
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When we follow a hypercaloric diet for a certain period of time in what is usually called the “volume phase” we gain muscle mass, but also fat and it is the moment to make a definition phase, in which we must eliminate the excess anatomical fat supporting the musculature in the best possible way.

How to eliminate body fat and maintain muscle mass?

To achieve this purpose we must take into consideration factors such as: create a heat deficit and increase energy expenditure among many others.

Creating a calorific deficit is essential to reduce fat, we need to eat fewer calories than we spend in order for our body to use that excess fat as a source of energy, more careful because if we cut too much we can feel tired and lose muscle mass.

The change should be made gradually, you can’t cut half the calories suddenly. For Helms a convenient distribution would be to lower about 500gr per week, to ensure we do not lose mass or the minimum possible, with a distribution of thirty percent protein, fifteen-thirty percent fat and excess carbohydrates.

How does losing weight faster or slower affect muscle mass?

To give answer to this question I base myself on a research in which they submitted to a diet of slimming to 2 sets. Set A reduced its intake by nineteen percent (450kcal approx), while set B reduced it by thirty percent (850kcal approx) In the same two macronutrient distributions and none of the regimens below 1500kcal.

How to eliminate body fat and maintain muscle mass?

What was the result?

The group that had reduced its intake the most lost, as is logical, more weight in the scale, but the conclusions warned that considerably more a part of those kilograms eliminated corresponded to muscular mass, at the same time that the fat had practically lowered in a similar way.

Here are a few that will help you lose weight by ensuring that your muscle mass is supported in the best possible conditions.

  • Integrate each and every set of nutrients into virtually every meal (hydrates, protein, and fat), at least until the middle of the day generally, you’ll start reducing hydrates.
  • Do not reduce the kcal radically but rather progressively, lowering about 500kcal to the diet and losing about six hundred-800gr per week at most.
  • Don’t neglect your protein intake, don’t be afraid of it, you won’t be “bloated” in any way, they are essential to sustain your strong muscle and its muscle tone.
  • Be very clear about what you want to achieve and do not set yourself overly ambitious goals in the very short term, the process should be slow and progressive.
  • Forget empty calories from sugars, pastries, sugary drinks, etc.
  • If your objective is not to compete, it is something aesthetic or for health you can leave a free meal per week, but with caution and feet on the ground.

Finally and if you do not know really well in addition to this you assist a professional invite you to take a look at the next list and know a little better the different sets of groceries.

In the market you will find a great offer that supplements that promise you fast weight loss and also incredible, without diet and seriousness there is no miracle, but starting from that point you can value a small help like:

How to eliminate body fat and maintain muscle mass?

  • L-carnitine, the body itself but the factory can assist you in catabolizing fat since it transports the fatty tissue to the mitochondria for use as energy.
  • Stimulants such as caffeine, taurine or related. They can raise your anatomical temperature and keep you more active, thus spending more calories every day.

Don’t forget these tips the next time you try to lose weight without putting your muscle mass at risk, cheer up!

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