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How to face your first bikini competition

How to face your first bikini competition
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Knowing how to face your first bikini competition is essential as it can be an indelible experience, but without hesitation a resolution that cannot be taken lightly. When you decide to compete, you admit to moving many things in your life and accepting other unforgivable things.

How to face your first bikini competition

It is an incessant struggle with myself from the first day to the last and you must take into consideration many aspects, now let’s see certain of them.

You must be physically and emotionally prepared.

The process is long and very demanding, it does not serve a bit of diet lightly, nor to be the beauty of the whole, it goes considerably more there. If you have an already trained physicist, good muscular level and little fat you will need less time of preparation, if on the contrary you must lose more weight or to build mentalízate muscle to that your process is going to be even longer.

You also have to be ready for everyone to talk about you and judge physics. You will receive both praise and criticism even from people who don’t know you at all, so if you are not strong in this aspect, competing can do you more harm than good.


When you have decided to enter this wheel or bikini competition you know that you must put aside many things, it is not possible to give yourself a whim and your social life will be different. Your way of life is going to change, you can no longer alternate with friends at dinners or meals of your own choice and even very often when you could relax after work now you must train again. Sometimes you may also feel isolated or misunderstood depending on the interests of your group of friends, it is the cost to pay.

Economic investment

Competing is an investment of essential money, first you need a professional trainer capable of getting your ideal point. A good trainer who knows how to guide your diet and training to the end and is trained for this. Add to this the cost of the supplementation you need such as multivitamins, protein, amino acids, etc. that you will add to the rest of the groceries.

How to face your first bikini competition

Keep in mind that you need a pair of competition shoes and bikinis that are not usually affordable, apart from accessories such as earrings, bracelets, makeup, etc. Finally we add the costs of the license to federate, competition fees, travel and stays. None of that has help so you’ll have to pay for everything out of your pocket.

Do it for yourself.

Don’t do this to prove anything to absolutely no one or it won’t end well. The normal thing in a first competition is not to win everything, so do not get frustrated and feel proud of the work done, you have to fit both victory and defeat.

It’s about enjoying the process and day after day proving what you’re capable of. Learn to value each instant and not only the goal of the key day, the results on the platform depend on many factors, the work you do each day depends only on you.

You’re not gonna be anonymous anymore.

I’m not referring to fame or much less, but rather that by the mere fact of signing you up in tournaments name is going to google and can even come out images of you, count on this. We also know what type they are going to be, in bikini, on the stage and posing? so value if your family, work, etc. could face seeing it.

Always be yourself

Do not allow yourself to be manipulated, you must follow the orders of your trainer with certainty as long as you have chosen him and it is taken for granted that you trust him or one hundred percent, so long as you do not listen to any more beliefs or let yourself be carried away by absolutely no one. They’ll try to tell you that you’re not doing well, that it’s not done this way or even that others eat a lot when you’re hungry. Don’t even do it!

How to face your first bikini competition

This process is a roller coaster of emotions, some days you are going to have the motivation through the clouds and others you will want to send everything to way. Some days you are going to be very happy and others you are not going to receive the answer that you wanted of your trainer or of the scale, simply CONTINUE! Look for your strengths, empower them and hold on to them to continue. Always and in all circumstances focus on the positive.

The day has come

Once in the competition, ENJOY, is the best advice I can give you, it’s all done, you can no longer lower or move the hair dye, and only nerves are left to go out. Get on the stage, visualize everything you carry on your back and show it to the public and the judges with your best smile.

Take the opportunity to meet people, do not isolate yourself and socialize, all are friendly people and lend to assist you, besides this consider that you will meet people with whom you share a hobby that affirms much of your way of life. The way to chat with a person who happens the same as you has nothing to do with explaining it to your friends, partners or family and for the eighth time do not understand because you eat chicken at eleven o’clock in the morning.

Remember that the result is not everything, if you win celebrate it, if you do not win likewise. Not the whole planet’s good for it and you’ve done it. Competition makes you know yourself, it makes you stronger, safer and more able to see where your limits are, the process is worth it, thrive as a person and apply it to your daily life.

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