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How to gain muscle without stepping into the gym

How to gain muscle without stepping into the gym
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Often, the people who train believe that going to the gym is essential to building muscles. However, today we’re going to show you how to gain muscle without stepping into the gym. It should be remembered that physical training is not restricted solely to the gym. Without ever entering the gym’s muscle building room you can also improve your general physical condition and develop muscle mass. What you’re going to need is just a little discipline and the next few tips for training at home or outdoors, without having to go to the gym.

How to gain muscle without stepping into the gym

Now you’ll learn how to work and gain volume in your muscles without the luxurious equipment found in gyms:

Exercises to build muscle mass without going to the gym

Many trainers think that exercises that use anatomical weight instead of artificial weights are better designed to increase gains in muscle mass. These exercises use the body as an active weight and thus increase the volume of the muscles. Apart from the exercises to gain strength at home that we propose you, certain of these exercises to gain muscles without going to the gym would be the following:

Flexion of arms


Perhaps the most effective exercise to develop the pectorals or the chest muscles are the Flexions of arms. This exercise also helps build up muscles during triceps and biceps and is ideal for gaining muscle without stepping into the gym. Some people compare push-ups at par with the use of the press-bank.

The principle of this exercise is quite simple, so you can do push-ups at home as long as you know the technique well. The arms and central muscles are precise to lift you off the floor and bring you back to the initial situation. This exercise uses the whole body as the weight.

If you position your hands closer, i.e. the push-ups closer together, the arm muscles, particularly the triceps, work harder. If you use a wider arm posture, the emphasis shifts to the face of the chest.

How to gain muscle without stepping into the gym

Pull-Ups or dominated

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It is essential that you learn to dominate from scratch with the supervision of a qualified trainer or monitor. The dominated exercises are considered the most basic training exercises to gain muscles, as they assist in maximizing the benefits to the back, neck and arms.

This exercise should be done for the maximum number of repetitions that can be endured. Thus, each time, at least one more is achieved, and progress, despite being slow, is formidably effective.

Squats or squats

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The squatting posture is the incontrovertible queen of each and every exercise if you want to develop a proportional muscular body. If your goal is to gain muscle without going to the gym, squats are an indispensable exercise. In addition to this, they assist you in narrowing your legs and buttocks and increasing the strength in your lower extremities.

How to gain muscle without stepping into the gym

The squats also assist in strengthening the core and working on balance and coordination.


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Among the many exercises that help you build muscle mass around and around your waist, abs are considered more effective. Yes, it is necessary to conjugate some cardio to scorch some fat, but delimit the abdominals or simply flatten the stomach is achieved through many exercises of this kind.

Before you start doing crunches from scratch, it’s essential that you learn their execution technique well and design your training routine to gain muscle and strengthen the core progressively.

Now you know the essential exercises to gain muscle without stepping into the gym. Take advantage of them!

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